Why the people must say no to Globalization

It is necessary to recognize that the globalists, pawned in governing the world under the World Government (New World Order) headed by the U.N., have a major obstacle in the way for their harmful plans: Russia and Syria, and partly, also China and North Korea.

That’s why it is important to stop the advance of Globalism, not supporting its advance towards the destruction of Russia and Syria, since it helps supporting a world balance. It’s better to have three opinions than only one.

If perhaps you think in Globalism, you must compare it with Internationalism. Globalism wants to get rid of the borders and with it the constitutions of every sovereign nation to govern them at its pleasure from a central government, without borders to stop them, and in this way to control the wealth and economy of the world through the International Monetary Fund, which is the Central Bank of the World.

Internationalism trades between sovereign countries that are governed by their own constitutions and laws and with mutual respect among nations.

The globalists do not want independent nations, rather they want dependent nations that cannot hinder their pretensions. At present, they want to turn Ukraine into a country-client and to enslave the country by in-debting her up to the neck – as they have done with their clients of Europe (which are no longer countries), – and nations in the Third World, who will continue to be lent to without limits until they are not able to pay. The globalists will then foreclose on their on them and take their resources, which eventually turn their countrymen into slaves of the World Bank.

And right now, the globalists have almost encircled Russia to destroy or diminish her power, which will allow them to govern the world without obstacles, under a socialistic system assisted by the World Health Organization (entrusted to vaccinate the slaves), and the UNESCO (entrusted to control the education of the slaves with irrelevant teachings and mediocre education, including the supply of funds endowed to the Universities, so that they promote the global courses of study that will help them govern the slaves: International Relations, International Commerce, Global Economy, etc.) and adhere them to the International Court of Justice in the The Hague, which is the one Court that will decide any case that should arise as far as in a small village like Masaya, Nicaragua, on the course of the waters of a river, for example.

They already destroyed the European republics with the European Union, the African countries with the African Union, and the Asian countries with the Asian Union, and the banker-gangsters now bribe the chiefs of the former countries with their famous aid and loans at low interest. And it shouldn’t be forgotten that these unions of countries are governed by officials not elected in elections by the people.

During the administration of Mexico’s President Vicente Fox, he, together with President George W. Bush of the United States, and the Prime Minister of Canada Jean Chrétien, signed the la the North American Union (Unión de Norteamérica). However, this agreement has not materialized, and they have kept it low profile.

And rumors are going around that they now want to create the Central American Union, but we will not allow it. We must denounce it! They already are spreading the idea throughout the whole American continent with those famous free-trade agreements… Wake up, Mexicans, Central Americans and South Americans!

For now, those countries are still sovereign nations because they have their own constitutions and Supreme Courts of Justice. However, they could become obsolete if they adhere to the The Hague and sign all the agreements and treaties offered by the U.N., like the small arms control treaty, which will disarm the peoples and in doing so, block their chance to rebel or defend themselves from the enemy – which sometimes is their own government). And this includes the climatic control agenda, which goal is to impose a global tax on all the people in the world for allegedly causing global warming by merely existing as human beings, which essentially places a tax– and a price– on life.

And that’s why the reduction of population is in the agenda via the extermination with vaccines, the pandemics, the water pollution and the air, and the wars – that do not happen by chance.

Ah, I almost forgot: now with Monsanto, the production of food, energy, and exports and imports would be monopolized by a world central government.

Pay attention to the U.N. Agenda 21, because all this agenda is in there, as well as the nationalization of private property. Just watch out why some governments dictate the prices and want to control production in other countries – especially the self-designated Socialists nations. Liberty is in danger, dear reader. Say no to globalization and to the emerging global government. Do not support anything the United Nations mandates.