Thursday - Jul 18, 2019

We celebrate important events in May

by Marvin J. Ramírez

From The Editor Marvin J. RamirezFrom The Editor Marvin J. Ramírez

As we continue celebrating Cinco de Mayo, and with Mother’s Day at our doorstep – on May 13th – we are still celebrating at El Reportero. This is our 16th Anniversary bringing the Latino community news in Spanish and English. It is our way of building a bridge between our homeland and our current home.

As we progress into the 21th century, El Reportero is gaining more and more recognition as the independent Latino news source with a unique angle of our countries’ peoples’ interest, including our layout -and format, which seems to be imitated more and more by others.

As many of our readers can see, we don’t need color pages, and many have complemented El Reportero recently for looking so good in black and white, after sporadically publishing in color – when our sponsors ask for it.

And many have also complemented us for having substance in our news content, and being truly connected to our goals and needs as a community.

We emphasize, that in order to offer you bigger editions, with more content, we ask for your help as our dedicated readers. We need you to patronize our advertisers by eating in their restaurants and using their professional services. And you can tell them that you are there because you saw their ad in El Reportero.

It’s very important that all of you, as a community who share values and similar experiences, with one same language, religion; and goals, support this newspaper which really stand up in your defense when they are taking or threatening your rights, and publishes your successes and achievements, and make them responsibly part of history on the pages of the newspaper.

We continue to thank you all for supporting us in our effort to serve you. And please start thinking what you will give to your mother in her day.

We invite you to place an ad during our anniversary celebration serving the Latino community, your business will have more visibility and you will contribute to a free and independent Latino press. And to those who don’t own a business, simply let us place your business card in our commemorative edition, so you can also be part of helping the cause of journalism and El Reportero.