TV: Mind control programming is dangerous to your health

[Author]NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: Marvin Ramirez[/Author]

Dear readers, A couple days ago I met a lovely French woman, Marie, at a café in the SF Mission. She said she arrived in SF just about five days ago. What’s interesting about this meeting was that she said she is studying for her Ph.D in some type of humanitarian science. That she wanted to help people to wake up and be happy, for which she plans to create a website where she will congregate the people in the world to spread peace and happiness.

The World Cup was on the TV screen on the wall, above us, playing Honduras vs. Ecuador, to which occasionally I gave a glance. I am not a TV watcher. I haven’t watched TV since April 2009. So I mentioned to her in a few words that one of the causes of discord in the world can be blamed, in great part, to that, and pointed at the TV screen showing the WC. I found the following article, which explains the reasons of why I do not watch TV, and hope that the rest of the world, too, will turn it off for good.

[Author]By The Health Coach[/Author]

Truly, the HDTV (aka the Television or TV) and all the purposeful programming that goes with it should come with a warning label that reads like this: CAUTION: Mind Control Programming Is Extremely Dangerous To Your Health

For those of us who have been privy to the true intentions and hidden purposes behind the proliferation of the television set, one common understanding became perfectly clear. As follows:

The TV has been transformed into the ultimate Weapon of Mass Deception.

So, there you have it. Now, do you still want to turn that idiot box on while you’re eating… napping… reading or exercising… sleeping or …?

Let us make one very serious qualification before we continue this health coaching ‘rant’. For those who are not addicted, and who truly are able to exercise self-control about what to watch, when to watch it, how long to watch, etc. have at it.
We know that in those cases the TV is only turned on when necessary — to check out inclement weather; to get details on a calamity that has affected friends, family or business associates; to watch a spiritual movie or informative piece on real history, among many other wholesome and good reasons to engage this medium.

In our experience, very, very few know how to exercise the discrimination necessary to shield themselves from the pap and piffle, which dominate the TV-waves. This becomes especially critical when young, impressionable children are involved, as they often are.

Reality Check:
Much like the political realm, the integrity of television media can be described as follows: “They’re lying whenever their lips are moving.”
Said another way: “If they’re moving their lips, you can be sure they’re not telling the truth.”

There goes all the news programs, news channels, talking head shows, TV guest interviewers, etc. Just knocked a LOT out of the box, didn’t we?!

What’s left? Infotainment!

Infotainment represents visual and audio pablum of the highest degree. Only those who are really bored with life would waste their time … and energy … and psychic space being entertained by such nonsensical programming.

Now what’s left? Watching and hearing the inside of the American version of the coliseum? Listening to the crash of collisions of the modern-day gladiators (football, basketball, baseball games) from the safe 10 foot distance on your couch? Do you have any idea how deeply ingrained the unhealthy and divisive competitiveness throughout all of American society has become … even among the grandmas and grandpas?

Even the young children are immersed in this inordinately mind-controlled frame of mind known as “win at all cost”. Whether it’s on the football field or fields of Iraq, all that ever seems to matter is winning.

So strong is this facet of the mind control programming process that many of our strongest and sincerest young adults are stampeded into any war that’s been made to appear fashionable. This has been made very easy after herding so many in front of the TV set for generations. So, what remains of television fare after those aforementioned have been sufficiently exposed for what they truly are and do … to our minds, our emotions, our bodies and our souls?!


Now for the real juicy stuff about TV.
If ever there was a defining piece written about TV and what it’s really all about that would be TELEVISION AND THE HIVE MIND written by Mack White back in 2003. Just a rudimentary understanding of the concepts which are advanced in this highly revelatory article ought to be sufficient enough to scare you off the couch for the rest of your lifetime. If they don’t, you’ve simply watched one to many sitcoms. Which means there’s only one antidote. (See “Humorous, But Serious Health Coaching Advice” below.)

There are two very interesting allegations about TV frequencies which have been circulating in certain circles for many years. There was a study posted on the internet many years ago exposing this quite sophisticated facet of the “TV Mind Control Program” agenda, but it has since disappeared along with the author. As follows:

I. Those who control TV frequencies at the point of origination can also beam through the wires and cables ELF (Extremely Low Frequencies) some of which are designed to target specific sites in the colon that quite predictably stimulate the urge to buy and impulse to spend. It doesn’t take very much imagination to understand how those advertisers, who keep the whole television industry afloat, would be well served by such a frequency manipulation, does it?!

II. Many of us initiated into the realm of ‘occult’ TV quite purposefully keep our TV unplugged when we are NOT watching it because the device can serve as a two way transmitter, not necessarily in the way that you receive reception, but in other much more clandestine and harmful ways. Also, in spite of the TV being turned off, those who control the frequencies can beam in whatever they want into your home without your knowledge as long as the TV is plugged in. As to what type of frequencies they are able to send into your home, we wonder ….?

How would you feel if someone was beaming energy into your living space without your consent and full understanding of the purpose?!

The television set should always be unplugged when not being watched. The TV should only be watched when there is truly inspired, uplifting, informative programming available. Particular discretion should always be observed the younger the child. TV does not help the socialization process of children; on the contrary, it impedes the normal development of a healthy conscience, ethical behavior, and appropriate response to the challenges of life.

For many single people the TV has become a companion, a distraction, or familiar voice that chases away loneliness. In this way it can serve a vital purpose, but as always the type of programming selected should be seriously considered before hitting the remote.

The constant din of TV in the background at the airports, banks, restaurants, and especially homes represents an unfortunate social calamity which has plagued Western society for decades. Unplugging yourself from this ongoing catastrophe is really essential if you are to find peace. Because true peace can only be found in silence – silence within is more easily attained when there is silence without. Getting to that point does require that we cultivate a quiet living environment and wherever we go, work or play.

May you enjoy great health! The Health Coach