Thursday - Apr 25, 2019

This is how you create jobs in the United States Part 3

by Marvin Ramirez

Marvin J. RamirezMarvin Ramirez

NOTE FROM THE EDITOR: The following article is very meaningful in terms of protecting the United States from falling onto another totalitarian, Soviet-style dictatorship, and every American should know where our country is heading to. Americans, including Latinos, African Americans, Asian Americans, European Americans, etc., have much to lose. This is the nation where most people came to grab the American dream, the right to have an education, own a place one can call home, have a job, and be happy. But all this is disappearing, because we have a government that doesn’t serve the interests of its own people, but rather those of foreign corporations’.

by Devvy Kidd

“The measure of the wealth of a nation is indicated by the measure of its protection of its industry; the measure of the poverty of a nation is marked by the degree in which it neglects and abandons the care of its own industry, leaving it exposed to the action of foreign powers.” – Congressman Henry Clay, 1824.

In 2000, John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi killed our shot at getting out of the World Trade Organization. America has suffered greatly since and we will into the future if we don’t elect people to Congress who fully understand FREE TRADE DOES NOT WORK and get us out of all those “free” trade treaties. It has been killing us financially for almost 20 years. Outsourcing is the popular moniker for killing American jobs; you and I end up being raped in more taxes for this:

Job losses attributed to outsourcing

Feds give laid-off Boeing workers a big helping hand – August 1, 2013. “Local Boeing workers who’ve lost their jobs will receive substantial additional federal unemployment benefits after two unions at the company sought aid under a program for emdereployees laid off due to outsourcing and foreign trade. Thanks to a federal program lined up by their unions, local workers laid off during the current dip in employment at Boeing Commercial Airplanes will enjoy a financial cushion that’s much, much plumper than what the average unemployed state resident gets.

“Compared to what Joe Worker gets when they get laid off, our members have a pretty extensive safety net,” said Connie Kelliher, spokeswoman for the International Association of 1Machinists (IAM). The U.S. Department of Labor has approved Boeing workers — union or nonunion, production workers or engineers — laid off between April 2012 and June 2015 for a package of benefits that includes drawing unemployment pay for up to 2½ years, rather than the regular six months.”

Whores in the Outlaw Congress pass “free” trade treaties that kill American jobs then steal from you and me to give them extra financial perks without a scintilla of constitutional authority. I have nothing against Boeing workers. But, it is not my responsibility to pay your unemployment. That is a function of state legislatures under the Tenth Amendment. Congress destroys jobs then turns right around and unconstitutionally rapes us in more taxes to pay the very workers they caused to lose their jobs.

What does create good paying jobs for Americans? Not Congress and not a lawfully elected president. Consumer spending creates jobs and until the American people stop buying as much as possible junk from foreign countries, there will be no jobs except minimum wage or pushing paper for our mortal enemies like Communist China.

Go watch this short video (3:42 seconds): Million American Jobs Project – “By taking a fraction of our spending and buying US-made goods, we’ll create a economic tidal wave.”

Not “green” jobs which have unconstitutionally cost we the people hundreds of millions of dollars stolen from us and given to companies that had zero chance of making it. Yes, I am for conservation, but in a free market system, you don’t steal from we the people to give to individuals who make big political donations to presidential candidates or the whores in the Outlaw Congress. Want to create millions of jobs? Buy American made cars and SUVs, not Toyota, Nissan or other foreign brands. Purchasing from them continues to run up the trade deficit killing us. Please, understand how important that is to our economy. I own a Ford Escape Hybrid as does my daughter. We’ve both had two of that model. The best vehicle I’ve ever owned. Sadly, there will be no more.

That hybrid was discontinued Dec. 31st last year. Not enough Americans would invest in American jobs and a super fine product.

I get so sick of saying you can’t find Made in USA. Not true. In the Made in USA section on my web site you will find web site for thousands and thousands of products made right here. I keep adding as companies contact me. Those companies want your business. I buy from the list 90 percent of the time I need to purchase something. If I can’t find Made in America, I go without as I have done since 1994 when NAFTA was shoved down the throats of a disinterested nation. I am ever so pleased things are beginning to turn around:

‘Made in the USA’ Making a Come-back  (March 2013)

“A curious thing is happening among American shoppers. More people are taking a moment to flip over an item or fish for a label and ask, is it “Made in the USA?”

“Walmart (WMT), the nation’s largest retailer, earlier this year announced it will boost sourcing of U.S. products by $50 billion during the next 10 years. General Electric (GE) is investing $1 billion through 2014 to revitalize its U.S. appliances business and create more than 1,500 U.S. jobs.

“Mom-and-pops are also engineering entire business strategies devoted to locally made goods – everything from toys to housewares. And it’s not simply patriotism and desire for perceived safer products which are altering shopping habits.

“The recession, and still flat recovery for many Americans, have created a painful realization. All those cheap goods made in China and elsewhere come at a price — lost U.S. manufacturing jobs. A growing pocket of consumers, in fact, are connecting the economic dots between their shopping carts – brimming with foreign-made stuff — and America’s future.”