Friday - Apr 19, 2019

The real story of brutal arrest by ICE on TV show

by Tracie Morales

Garbriel García BernalGarbriel García Bernal

REALITY TV: Journalist
Cristina Saralegui reveals the nightmarish tales of immigration raids, arrests and deportations during
the April 30 episode of El Show de Cristina, airing on Univisión. During the program, Saralegui will interview
families who claim they faced violent and brutal encounters with immigration enforcement agents. For more information visit

DRESS TO IMPRESS: Actress Eva Longoria, host of the 2007 NCLR ALMA Awards, promises a fashion forward celebration as she dons nearly 15 outfits from top Latino designers during the ceremony airing June 5 on ABC. The ALMA Awards were created in 1995 by the National Council of La Raza to honor Latinos in the entertainment industry.

ALMA NOMINEES: Longoria was on hand with NCLR president Janet Murguia April 16 to announce the nominees in Beverly Hills. Best picture nominees are Babel, Bobby and Quinceañera. Best actor in a film nominees are Gael Garcia Bernal, for Babel; Jesse García, Quinceñera; and Michael Peña, World Trade Center. Best actress in a film nominees are Adriana Barraza, for Babel; Cameron Díaz, The Holiday; Eva Mendes, Trust The Man; and Emily Rios, Quinceariera.

ACTOR IN A TV SERIES: Santiago Cabrera, for Heroes; Miguel Ferrer, 4for Crossing Jordan; George López, for George López; Carlos Mencia, for Mind of Mencia; and Edward James Olmos, for Walkout.

ACTRESS IN A TV SERIES: América Ferrera, for Ugly Betty, Constance Marie, for George Lopez; Sara Ramirez, for Grey’s Anatomy and Alexa Vega, for Walkout. Find a complete list of nominees at

MUST WATCH IN MAY: ABC’s Ugly Betty heats up this May with appearances from top Latina and Latino stars. Mexican actress Angé1ica Vale, known as Letty Solís from the Mexico telenovela La fea mas bella, joins Betty Suárez played by América Ferrera on May 17. Legendary actress and Academy Award winner, Rita Moreno, appears May 10 as tîa Mirta from Guadalajara, Mexico. Other appearances include Chilean actor Cristián De La Fuente and Puerto Rican actress Justina Machado.
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