The photographic show ‘My Moment in the Park’ opens

The exhibition will be available to the public throughout the year


by Araceli Martínez


The Presidio Association, in collaboration with the New York-based nonprofit Photoville, inaugurated the free outdoor photographic show My Park Moment at Presidio National Park in San Francisco with images showing favorite memories of a visit to the park.

The exhibit features 400 photographs taken by amateur and lens professionals, selected in a competition, capturing favorite memories in the parks such as a family picnic, a visit to Alcatraz or Yosemite, a walk in the Presidio, among many other experiences in parks. Some of those selected will receive prizes.

The contest was organized to celebrate the opening in the spring of 2022, of the Presidio Tunnel Tops, a new area within the Presidio National Park, built on top of the tunnels of the Presidio Parkway, which extends over 14 acres of trails, panoramic viewpoints, picnic sites and an interactive play area for children.

It was a distinguished committee of photographers, artists, and community leaders who chose more than 400 photos from 7,000 submitted by lens hobbyists and professionals from across the country.

The images capture the outdoor beauty and joy that time in nature can bring, as well as the social and cultural connections that are part of the park experience.

The photos are displayed at four sites in the Main Post and Crissy Field, which surround the future site of the Presidio Tunnel Tops: the Main Parade Ground on Anza Street, Sports Basement, 1180 Old Mason Street, and the Presidio YMCA.

What can we expect

While all of the photos in the original My Moment in the Park exhibit are professional quality, the majority in the “Instant Community” category were taken by people from across the country who attend the parks fairly frequently.

“The photo exhibit builds on our continued collaboration with the community to create the Presidio Tunnel Tops, which we hope will be welcoming and inclusive spaces for all of its visitors,” said Michael Boland, parks director for the Presidio Trust. He added that he offers a preview of the new experiences the park will offer at Tunnel Tops.

Laura Roumanos, executive director and co-founder of Photoville stated that “photography is a universal language that allows everyone to tell their own story. The opportunity to show these stories publicly is priceless. ”

“We are delighted that this program represents such diversity of gender, class and race in one of the most beautiful national parks in the country.”

In the Visual Story Award category, the winners come from the San Francisco Bay area and their stories portray the impacts of the covid-19 pandemic and the political events of the past year.

The images by Francess Santos show her two young children enjoying nature outdoors in Presidio Park. Marissa Leshnov photographed the Oakland OMies, a community of women of color who promote wellness, mindfulness and healing through yoga. “The parks continue to be a place of refuge, where the sense of community and wonder can be renewed,” said Leshnov.

In the group of people who selected the photos that were presented in the exhibition, are Jacqueline Bates, director of photography for California Sunday Magazine and Pop-Up Magazine; Sergio De La Torre, associate professor at the University of San Francisco; Isaac Haney-Owens, Creativity Explored artist; Ben Moon, Instagram Art Director; Nicole Frugé, visual director for the San Francisco Chronicle; Bruce Getty, owner of the agency and photographer; Moanalani Jeffrey, agency owner and photographer; Sean Uyehara; Jackie von Treskow of the San Francisco Arts Commission; and Monetta White, executive director of the Museum of the African Diaspora.

An exhibit guide, roadmap, and virtual exhibit listing all photographers will be available on the website beginning September 1, at

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