Tuesday - Jul 23, 2019

The Mexican Museum presents: Tramas Urbanas, the work of Mexican artist Paloma Torres

Compiled by the El Reportero’s staff

Tramas Urbanas (Urban Patterns), an exhibition featuring the textural work of acclaimed Mexican visual artist Paloma Torres.

Tramas Urbanas is a visually provocative collection of abstract sculptures and handmade textiles based on a series of aerial photographs she took over Mexico City. Her images – from aerial portraits of irregular settlements that surround Mexico City to a sort of urban archaeology that discovers small objects that allow the megalopolis to function – became the inspiration for Tramas Urbanas, and captured a new reality of today’s sprawling urban environments.

For the very elaborate techniques used for creating her felt textiles, Torres worked with purely natural elements, including fibers and wool from different regions of the world, as well as dyes based on those used in Mexico’s pre-Hispanic cultures.

The event is a collaborative project between The Mexican Museum and the Secretaría de Relaciones Exteriores de México (the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mexico), with the support of the Consulate General of Mexico in San Francisco.

The Extraordinary Playscapes Exhibition

Design Museum San Francisco, Playworld, San Francisco Recreation & Parks, and the San Francisco Public Library are pleased to announce the opening of Extraordinary Playscapes, an exhibition featuring over 40 pioneering play spaces from around the world, at the Main Library’s Fisher Children’s Center on April 6. Curated by Design Museum Foundation, the exhibition explores the latest thinking in playground design while presenting how vital free play is to childhood development, thriving communities, and social equity.

From towering treetop playgrounds to hand-knit crochet installations, visitors will discover how architects and designers worldwide are engaging diverse communities to translate play objectives into state-of-the-art and meaningful play environments.

The Extraordinary Playscapes Exhibition will run through July 8, 2017. San Francisco Main Public Library, 100 Larkin St, San Francisco.

 La Loca Del Maniqui – based on text by Xavier Araiza

Monologue that identifies the inner and deep parts of individual and unconscious humiliation through the fun of seeing it as a fiction and realizing through laughter that only you can change your life.

Have fun and be happy before the manipulative energy and detestable of one who likes to abuse physically or emotionally of another without caring about the meaning of what he does, simply enjoy feeling superior and destroying without any knowledge that hurting himself, with learned actions, exhausting, can lead to another being a the same humiliation.

The only solution to this is to enjoy it and leave the pit triumphant, without suffering, just laughing and laughing, and laughing until you can no longer with the pain and let it go.

On Thursday, May 18, 2017, 7 p.m., at the Mission Cultural Center for Latino Arts, Theater, cover charge $20. Obra en español. At 2868 Mission St, San Francisco.