Monday - Jul 22, 2019

The American breed

by Raoul Lowery Contreras

The sun rises every morning over Washington D.C. throwing light on a major political conflict brewing between disparate people and groups using similar arguments against a grand bi-partisan coalition assembling support for Comprehensive Immigration Reform.

Most of the anti-Reform chatter comes from three groups and people they influence; the Federation for American Reform (FAIR), the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS, and NumbersUSA.

Several commonalities exist among these incestuous groups. (1) They were all founded by one man, John Tanton, former President of ZERO POPULATION GROWTH. (2) Tanton used a million dollars from the Pioneer Fund to start the groups. (3) The groups are all anti-immigrant with particular emphasis on “non-White” immigrants that aren’t of “Nordic” stock. (4) The groups are prone to publish “studies” that are fiction or just plain lies. (5) Most positions these groups take are eerily similar to those promulgated in 1930s Nazi Germany and among contemporary Nazi sympathizers in the United States led by Harry Laughlin, first President of the Pioneer Fund.

From John Sedgwick’s Inside the Pioneer Fund: “In 1937 the Pioneer Fund was founded…Harry Laughlin, the first president of the fund, was a well-known eugenicist who in 1924 was instrumental in pushing through legislation blocking U.S. entry to Jews fleeing pogroms in Russia. Before Congress, he testified that IQ data proved that 83 percent of Jewish immigrants were born feeble-minded and therefore were a threat to the nation’s economy and genetic makeup (added italics). Laughlin subsequently lobbied to keep these barriers in place, successfully cutting off sanctuary for Jews seeking refuge from the Third Reich.”

Laughlin: “Whether we like it or not, a Jew must be assimilated or deported. The deportation of four million Jews would be many times more difficult that the repatriation of three times as many Negroes. The Jew is doubtless here to stay and the Nordic’s job is to prevent more from coming.” The 1939 defeat of a congressional bill authorizing acceptance of Jewish refugees from Hitler was blamed on Laughlin and his power in Congress. (Albany Law Review, Paul Lombardo, Ph.D. The American Breed: Nazi Eugenics and the Origin of the Pioneer Fund)

“While Harry Laughlin’s…the Pioneer Fund…remains. It was born of a racist vision of “the American Breed,” and nurtured in hopes of duplicating Nazi legal and social policy.” (Lombardo)

In view of all this comes Stephen Seinlight, a respected Holocaust scholar, Jewish activist, Columbia University educated “executive” of top-ranked Jewish organizations. He now works for the Pioneer Fund funded, John Tanton founded and run, Center for Immigration Studies (CIS).

Steinlight: Mexican immigrants…”are an “overwhelmingly poor, uneducated and low skill population…(Mexicans) families are falling apart…Their out-of-wedlock birthrates are coming close to that of African Americans…If another 11 million are legalized and get a ‘path to citizenship’ the Republican Party will be out of business…Once legalized the illegal aliens can avail themselves of the most powerful engine in the immigration system; extended family reunifications. Robert Rector of the Heritage Foundation estimates the 11 million mean 60 to 100 million legal immigrants from Mexico in 20 years.”

Alarming as these statements sound, this nationally acclaimed Jewish “scholar/executive” paid by the Center for Immigration Studies is — full of crap.

Most legal immigrants into the U.S. are from Mexico. Are they “poor, uneducated and unskilled?” If they are, why were so many Americans upset when the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) allowed thousands to come to work as professionals like pharmacists, engineers, architects, doctors, etc?

If legalized will all 11 million newly legalized (of which only 6-7 million are from Mexico) bring in up to 100 million relatives legally to overwhelm the American “Nordic” population? First, Pew Research says that only 40 percent of the 1986 amnesty group became citizens. Secondly, Mexico only has 100 million people; do Steinlight and Rector think the entire country of Mexico is coming?

Are out-of-wedlock” Mexican immigrant babies approaching out-of-wedlock birth rates of African Americans (71.4 percent)? Nope. In fact, according to the Census, “out-of-wedlock” births to Mexican immigrant mothers is 36.3 percent, five percentage points lower than that of native-born Americans. The Center for Disease Control says among all Hispanics, “out-of-wedlock” births are 53 percent.

Interestingly, the National Vital Statistics (Center for Disease Control) notes that states with high Puerto Rican populations (Florida 47.6 percent and New York 41.2 percent) have higher “out-of-wedlock” rates than California (40.4 percent) with the largest Mexican population.

The question is, Are the core beliefs of the Pioneer Fund funded Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR), Center for (ANTI-)Immigration Studies (CIS) and NumbersUSA the same as Harry Laughlin’s racist vision of “the American breed?” And, what of Charles Murray (Bell Curve) whose research was funded by the Pioneer Fund?

Pioneer Fund cash funded FAIR, CIS, NumbersUSA and Charles Murray. What we don’t know is how profound the NAZI ideal and vision of Harry Laughlin imbues these organizations, people and their fight against Comprehensive Immigration Reform.