Monday - May 27, 2019

San Francisco forum to assist youth and families

Compiled by Elisabeth Pinio

Mark LenoMark Leno

San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom, announced a forum to assist youth and families in the San Francisco community. The meeting will be held at the Excelsior Boys and Girls Club on April 21 at 2 p.m.

The forum will continue Newsom’s efforts to resolve various community issues, such as homelessness, crime, and education. Last month the forum took place in the Mission District, discussing the City’s Health Access Plan.

Meanwhile, the Mayor is offering a $100,000 reward for information regarding the murders of Anthony Hunter, killed on February 11, 2007, and Gabriel Zavala, killed on February 26, 2005.

The mayor and Chief of Police, Heather Fong, request assistance from the public to find the person(s) responsible for these deaths. Call the confidential tip line at (415) 553-4444 with any information.

Green Party supports cloned-animal food labeling bill

Environmentalists strongly advocate a bill approved April 11 requiring labels on any food made with a cloned animal or its offspring.

Green Party specialists claim that despite contrary evidence, the federal government led the public to believe that genetically engineered products are as safe as natural ones.

Additionally, corporations haven’t been labeling their packaging to inform consumers of the actual ingredients contained in these products.

This bill will have a major impact in the food industry, as consumers will be enabled to make informed decisions about their purchases.

San Francisco Young Democrats support Mark Leno for California Senate

The San Francisco Young Democrats convened April 11 for a debate between State Senator Carol Midgen and Assemblymen Mark Leno. SFYD voted in favor of Leno by 60%.

“I am really honored to be endorsed by my friends at San Francisco Young Democrats,” Leno said in a statement. “I look forward to a bright future together.”

“SFYD will do all that it can to support Assemblyman Mark Leno in his campaign efforts,” said Luke Klipp, SFYD President. “He has earned our support and we are determined to see him to victory.”

Code of conduct recommended for San Mateo County companies

Employees in San Mateo, Calif. claimed unfavorable conditions during a community panel on April 12. The forum gathered to examine the working conditions of contracted food service workers at high-tech and biotech companies in the region.

Workers testified to having issues with job security, an increased cost of living that rivaled their wages, and inflexible work schedules.

After hearing the testimony, the panel determined that a contractor code of conduct was needed to resolve the employees’ issues, and recommended that the companies meet with their contracted workers to address their concerns.

Save the Sierra campaign launched against Sierra Pacific Industries

ForestEthics launched a campaign against Sierra Pacific Industries with a demonstration in San Francisco last Friday, April 13th. They revealed a horror story of SPI’s logging practices, which are leading to the inevitable destruction of Sierra Nevada. The largest private landowner in Sierra Nevada, SPI have clearcut several thousands of acres of land, with plans to clearcut more.

“Destroying forests isn’t good for people, businesses, or the environment,” said Casey Harrell, Director of ForestEthics’ Sierra Campaign.

ForestEthics has garnered support from many corporations who are also SPI customers, to persuade them to revise their logging practices. For more information, visit