Friday - Nov 27, 2020

Playwright Willebaldo López dies

He was also an actor, director, teacher and screenwriter. Among his works are Corona de sangre and La Llorona


by the El Reportero‘s news services


The official account of Theaters in Mexico City today lamented the sensitive death of the Mexican playwright Willebaldo López Guzmán (1944-2020). Likewise, he acknowledged that he was an “outstanding actor, director, playwright, teacher and screenwriter”.

The actor, born in Queréndaro, Michoacán, studied at the School of Theater Art, recognized today as the ENAT of the Institute of Fine Arts; however, his talent on the field was not only on stage but also in the lyrics. Due to his talent, he was awarded a scholarship by the Mexican Writers Center.

According to the Encyclopedia of Literature of Mexico, his activity on stage continued until the 1980s, after which he ventured into radio and television serving as director, screenwriter and actor.

In the field of teaching he also had participation, as he taught acting, pantomime and dramatic composition courses in institutions such as the General Society of Writers of Mexico (Sogem) and in the Televisa Training Center.

He also directed the School of Theater Art. Among the works he directed are The Kings of the World, The Madness of the Angels, Blood Crown, La Llorona, The Old Men, 1979 and Twenty-Four Hours with You, among others. In addition to that, he adapted and directed some radio soap operas for the XEW.

On his way through the world of theater, he also leaves his own works that include genres such as drama and comedy, in which various social problems such as poverty, rejection of the homosexual community and marginalization of indigenous communities are presented.

In recognition of all his work, the Mexico City Congress last year awarded him the Medal of Merit in the Arts.

“Maestro Willebaldo wrote two of the plays produced by Teatro Nahual,” La Primera Dama “and” Malinche Show “that we hope to resume when everything in the community calms down,” said Verónica Meza, director of Teatro Nahual, on her Facebook account. “I was fortunate to speak with maestro Willebaldo López, twice, and the last was in early February. I told him that we were going to premiere his play, he was very happy.”


Music consumption grows 15 percent in Brazil during quarantine

Brasilia, Apr 15 – Music consumption grew by 15 percent in Brazil during the SARS-CoV-2 virus isolation that today forces people to stay home and enjoy streaming services (listening to music or watching videos without downloading them).

Specialized media mention, for example, that in Spotify (a multi-platform application used to play music via streaming), from March 13 to Sunday, the 200 most listened songs per day in Brazil were played 953 million times on the platform.

During the same period last year, it was 831 million, an increase of 15 percent.

On YouTube (video sharing website), the 100 most viewed/listened to songs per week in Brazil between March 13 and April 9 were 1.44 billion, an increase of 30 million.

Such a boom is more concentrated in the group at the hit parade, mainly artists from the sertanejo (a very fashionable musical genre in this country where the sound of the viola predominates).

According to sources, in 2019 (March 15-April 11), Marília Mendonça, Brazil’s most watched/listened artist on YouTube, had 205 million views.

This year, in the quarantine, the duo Henrique and Juliano leads the ranking with 264 million and Mendonça is second with 224 million.


Moraes Moreira, one of the icons of Brazilian music, passed away

BRASILIA, Apr 13 – Singer-songwriter Moraes Moreira, recognized as one of the icons of Brazilian Popular Music (MPB), died today at the age of 72 in Rio de Janeiro of a fatal heart attack, the media confirmed.

He began his musical career playing accordions at dances and parties in Sao Joao. As a teenager he learned to play the guitar and when he moved to Salvador he met the musician Tom Ze.