Monday - May 27, 2019

Estrella TV in L.A occupies 2nd place

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by the El Reportero’s news services

Estrella TV announced that its KRCA-62 TV channel in Los Angeles had the #2 most viewed newscast during the 11PM hour regardless of language, beating ABC, NBC and CBS.

“At KRCA we are committed to producing the highest quality newscasts,” stated Andrea Ospina, VP of local news, KRCA 62.

Our news team offers a breath of fresh air to the LA Hispanic market seeking culturally relevant, objective and trustworthy news regarding the issues that most affect our local community. Our viewership gains show that a real shift is happening and we’re proud to be a part of the impact that Estrella TV is having on Hispanic audiences across the US.”

Mexican Rock Band DLD ended U.S. Tour in SF

One of the most important and popular bands of its genre in Mexico, DLD was on tour in the U.S. tour including Texas and an additional 3 in California, starting on May 24 in Houston.

The group made their debut at the Neon Desert Music Festival in El Paso, one of the few festivals that combines music superstars both in English and Spanish, which included artists Hardwell, Foster The People, J Balvin, Alesso and Nelly, among others. The tour concluded on June 1st in San Francisco, California at the Independent.

Filled with professional rock musicians, DLD left a good impression in SF, showing that even from a distance, the group has faithful SF followers.

Exhibition Reveals Details on Native Population in Canada

An exhibition called ‘’Hidden at Simple Sight: The Metis’’ is showing many of the general festures and details of the life of this Canadian indigenous community, one of the greatest in Canada.

The Métis are members of ethnic indigenous groups of Canada and parts of the United States that trace their descent to indigenous North Americans and European settlers.

The Métis in Canada are recognized as an aboriginal people under the Constitution Act of 1982.

The exhibition was opened Tuesday at the Centre du Patrimoine in Saint-Boniface, Manitoba. It will keep its doors open until Oct. 28, according to their organizers.

The documents, pictures, illustrations, maps, seals and others, belong to the Canadian National Library.
The Metis Nation, the second largest of the three indigenous populations in Canada, was initially established in the areas of Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta, to later spread to the territories of British Columbia, Ontario (Canada), Minnesota, Montana and North Dakota (USA).

In the 18th Century, the Hudson Bay Company and the Northwest Company created a series of places, for trading with the Canadian indigenous populations.

In the 20th Century, the Metis had already developed an only culture and identity and they began to call themselves the ‘otipêymisowak’ (the independent ones).

As they were a seminomadic people, they valued their horses, cars and boats very much, as well as the use of weapons.
In fact, these articles are some of the hints indicating the Metis presence in historical images.

Cuban musician Francisco García dies
The composer, interpreter and conductor Francisco García died June 28 at age 81, reported the Cuban Music Institute.
García was born in Remedios, in the central province of Villa Clara, on March 9, 1936 and from his beginnings he ventured as a trombonist and in the conduction of various groups in his city.

In Havana, he was notable for the direction of the Tropicana Cabaret Orchestra, the Provincial Concert Band of the Capital and the Jazz Band Benny Moré, which he presided until 2012.

During his career he wrote music for concert, as well as for other manifestations of art.