Monday - Jul 22, 2019

Opposition gives Ortega six days to accept elections

by Donaldo Hernández

MANAGUA – Negotiations between the opposition Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy and the government of President Daniel Ortega are at their most tense, because the president has not ruled on the demand of various sectors to accept the advance of elections to solve the socio-political crisis that is almost one year old.

The chancellor Denis Moncada assured that the possibility of advancing elections was not an issue that “is on the negotiation table”, arguing that this would imply “a violation of the Political Constitution and (create) a bad precedent for future governments”.
“The current Constitution in our country establishes clearly defined presidential periods (…) imagine, what will happen if we use as a method, as a precedent to be ahead of the elections to each president that can be produced over time, would be very difficult thus strengthen democracy, “said Moncada.

Hours later, representatives of the opposition in the national dialogue spoke at a press conference, where they said they would give him six days for the Nicaraguan president to accept the advance of elections, as requested by the opposition coalition. as well as the United States government.

“The negotiation has points or red lines: absolute and unconditional freedom of political prisoners and advancement of elections. If there is not that, there is no possibility of another negotiation, “said Azahalea Solis, substitute member at the negotiating table.
So far, the Ortega government has only accepted the release of political prisoners, as well as agreements to restore rights and guarantees, established in the Nicaraguan Constitution but that have ceased to apply, according to the opposition.
Within the rights and guarantees the opposition alliance to Ortega has demanded freedom of mobilization, as well as freedom of expression, and have directly requested that the television media 100% Noticias, as well as the writing of the weekly Confidential, be returned to their owners.

Likewise, the Civic Alliance for Justice and Democracy requested that the raw material of national newspapers that have been detained for six months in the Customs Directorate, in Managua, be delivered to prevent them from ceasing to circulate.
Marco Rubio: “Advanced elections that are free and inclusive”
On the negotiations in Nicaragua, US Senator Marco Rubio, a Republican from Florida, expressed his opinion on his Twitter account stating that the government of President Daniel Ortega and his wife, Vice President Rosario Murillo, must meet at least five conditions.
1. Unconditional and immediate release of all political prisoners.
2. Freedom of expression and mobilization.
3. Security guarantees for the return of exiles.
4. Disarmament of irregular paramilitary groups.
5. Advance elections that are free and inclusive.
On Wednesday, April 3, it is planned to know if President Daniel Ortega will accept the advance of “free and transparent” elections. Otherwise the representation of the opposition in the dialogue will abandon the negotiations.
The international community is pending the talks in Nicaragua, considering that it is the only way to find a peaceful solution to the sociopolitical crisis that according to international human rights organizations has left 325 dead, thousands of injured and more than 60,000 Nicaraguan exiles.

AMLO’s request for apology by Spain criticized, ridiculed and defended

One lawmaker suggested seeking an apology from the CNTE teachers’ union for disrupting Congress

by Mexico News Daily

President López Obrador has come under fire from opposition lawmakers and others for his request to the king of Spain and Pope Francis that they apologize for the conquest of Mexico.
Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) Senator and former interior secretary Miguel Ángel Osorio Chong appeared to question the president’s sanity in light of López Obrador’s revelation that he sent the two men a letter “to ask that they make an account of the injustices and apologize to the indigenous peoples for the violations” committed “with the cross and the sword” during the conquest.

“President Andrés Manuel López Obrador should be subjected to constant medical evaluation,” Osorio said. “That apology that he requested from the king of Spain and the Vatican about the conquest, that’s out of order.”
Democratic Revolutionary Party (PRD) Senator Miguel Ángel Mancera said that López Obrador’s apology request only served to drive Mexico and Spain apart and damage “the friendly relationship” that the two countries enjoy today.
The former Mexico City mayor also charged that by making his request public, the president had sought and succeeded in diverting attention from more pressing issues.
“Now we’re all talking about this issue,” Mancera said.

National Action Party (PAN) Senator Mauricio Kuri also contended that López Obrador’s intention was to distract people from focusing on issues of real importance such as security and corruption at Pemex.
“…Why is he diverting attention to other issues instead of looking at what’s happening in his government,” he said.