Tuesday - Jun 25, 2019

Oakland hires 30 new police officers

by the El Reportero’s staff

Thanks to Measure Y, which passed by the voters in 2004, last Friday, the Oakland Police Department welcomed 30 new offi cers, bringing the total to 778, from the city’s Mayor’s goal of 803.

“I’m proud of the men and women who will be graduating from the Police Academy and joining our police force to protect and serve the residents of this city,” said Mayor Dellums.

“We made a commitment to fully staff our police force and we will meet that goal without question by the end of the year. The police recruitment plan we put forth demonstrates what can be done when the City of Oakland comes together and makes a commitment towards a common goal.”

The hiring was possible Measure Y funds, after the mayor presented the proposal to the City Council which approved the use of up to $7.7 million from the measure for this purpose.

Advocates oppose western a climate regional carbon trading scheme

Social and environmental justice advocates and labor union representatives gathered outside the final public stakeholder meeting of the Western Climate Initiative (WCI) at the Marriott hotel in San Diego, California on Tuesday, July 29th. They will voice their opposition to a regional carbon trading system with informational materials and large illustrative props.

“By establishing a regional carbon trading system with seven U.S. states, 73 percent of Canada’s economy, and various regions of Mexico, the promise of green jobs, sustainable economic opportunities for our communities, and the public health co-benefits from greenhouse reductions will be exported from California,” stated Jane Williams of California Communities Against Toxics. “Californian consumers will be paying higher energy enfocaprices, but robbed out of the benefits of job creation and cleaner air in this carbon trading scheme.”

“By offering multiple cheap compliance options, we’re not making the needed investments to fundamentally change how we make and use energy—the only way we are going to truly tackle climate change,” stated Angela Johnson Meszaros of California Environmental Rights Alliance.

New funding to house homeless veterans

The mayor’s office and the Interagency Council announced new federal funding to assist homeless veterans in San Francisco find housing. The funding will be targeted toward providing homeless veterans with support services and the opportunity to obtain permanent housing.

The award of 105 vouchers representing $1.5 million to the San Francisco. Housing Authority (SFHA) is part of $75 million announced nationally for 10,000 new vouchers for the Housing and Urban Development-Veterans Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Program as the result of Congressional support in the FY2008 budget.

SFHA will receive the funding in portions as the agency leases units to veterans. The funding will go toward housing assistance and administration fees to administer the vouchers given to veterans. The “wait list” for housing units will be monitored by the San Francisco VA Medical Center which has been working to put a selection and placement process in place.

“An additional $1.5 million in housing and service resources from the federal Departments of Housing and Urban Development and VA will supplement the continuing work in San Francisco to reduce and end the homelessness of those who have served their country and find themselves without a home,” said the Executive Director of the U.S. Interagency Council on Homelessness Philip Mangano.

“The interagency collaboration of HUD and VA, revitalized by the Congress and supported by the President, will move more than 100 veterans off the streets and out of shelters into permanent supported housing in line with the San Francisco’s ‘Housing First’ goals.”