Monday - Jun 24, 2019

Nikki Haley, the US ambassador at the UN is not correct about Venezuela

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Let me tell you something:

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley said on Sunday July 30 – after the election to elect the Venezuelan Constituent Assembly, that “Maduro’s false election is another step towards dictatorship. We will not accept an illegitimate government. The Venezuelan people and democracy will prevail. “ President Trump then imposed economic sanctions against Maduro and his administration.
With a new constituent assembly, the government will have the power to rewrite the Venezuelan constitution, and that is what concerns the opposition allied to Washington.

One does not have to be a socialist to express an opinion on a system that calls itself socialist. I am not a socialist, I do not sympathize with socialism, because I know that it is a system of control over the people and the economy by a materialistic state corporation that suppresses civil liberties.

However, the case of Venezuela, and after sharing so many postings on Facebook in favor of the Venezuelan opposition, I find that there is another reality that perhaps many ignore: what is really at stake in this Bolivarian homeland is its sovereignty of oil, and not the beautiful faces of its Miss Universes.

What can it matter to Washington if democracy is not perfect or if there is no democracy in Venezuela or in another country?

Is it not from the White House that orders are given to bomb sovereign nations and assassinate their leaders when they do not obey Pentagon orders – on behalf of the oil cartels?
Just look at some Arab countries that the US. supports, where state crimes leave much to say. Where the rights of women or the beheadings of their critics matter don’t matter.

However, the US, instead of seeking a change of government in those countries, it give them more weapons, because US companies control the market of their oil.

There are rumors that the heat is intensifying towards an intervention and that a coup d’stat could be ahead in that Caribbean nation.

And it is not that Maduro is a saint, but I am coming to the conclusion that if he releases the reins of power, Venezuela will suffer like Mexico, where oil is no longer Mexican and now they have to buy gas from the US. I think that should not happen to Venezuela.

The best thing would be for both sides to sit down to negotiate – without foreign intervention – and to begin with Maduro’s government freeing the dollar market for the economy to return to its previous course. But they also must endorse a constitutional agreement that Venezuela’s oil will NEVER STOP BEING VENEZUELAN PATRIMONY – no matter what happens, whoever governs, and that no constitution be able to accept in its paper something that allows the oil to be controlled by foreign interests , including Wall Street, of course.

But I am sure that US oil interests do not want negotiation, but a civil war to breaks out and the economy to collapse so to make the country ungovernable – and then call the Marines to “protect American interests.” However, the latter is less likely, as the Venezuelan armed forces have not abandoned Maduro, yet.

The large Venezuelan oil fields are now the target of Washington, as in February 2003 PDVSA (Petróleos de Venezuela, SA) was was turned into a state-owned company. And it pains them that Venezuelan oil has gone out of their hands and that Venezuela (not long ago) has paid its debt. Or is it not true?

According to some calculations, Venezuelan reserves should last between 100 and 150 years under conditions of intense exploitation.

It is said that the payment of the debt of $ 2.5 billion and the oil downturn have been the cause of scarcity, as the government has been forced to maintain a cut in imports of basic goods despite the country’s sharp three years recession.

And I do not doubt that the violence and its cause have been mostly ingenious. And if you doubt it, do some investigative work on the internet about how and what governments the CIA has overthrown worldwide. I have done it, and that is why I have no doubt that this is what is happening in Venezuela.

There has been repression, but what government does not use force when the protests reach such a point of wanting to collapse the government? Is not there in the US, or in Nicaragua or in Mexico while the traditional press is silent?

There have also been many errors and outrages on the part of the government, especially in the lack of mercantile freedom that has triggered inflation and scarcity, but behind it, I do not doubt that it is the petro-bankers who want chaos.

It does not make these special interests happy that an ‘underdeveloped’ country have so much economic power and that it cannot be controlled – by them.

Therefore, don’t go to fast into believing the traditional media, because they are following a script so that there is a war.

Do you remember William Randolph Hearst’s cryptic phrase?

Among Hearst’s employees was the famous illustrator Frederic Remington.

In 1897, Remington was very bored by the lack of something newsworthy in Cuba and telegraphed to Hearst, “Everything is quiet, there are no problems here, there will be no war, I want to return.”

In response to Remington’s message, Hearst replied, “Please stay. Provide the photos and I will provide the war.“

Less than three weeks later, the American ship USS Maine exploded in the port of Havana. The cause of the explosion that claimed 274 lives remains a mystery.

Whatever its real cause, Hearst determined that the sinking of Maine was the result of Spanish betrayal and his newspaper vigorously published stories that helped create and nurture American anti-Spanish sentiment.

Within three months, the United States was at war with Spain in what became known as the US-Spanish war.

Never before has the media been shown to have such immediate and far-reaching effects.

I leave this link with an article (in English) well analyzed about the Venezuelan controversy.


- Vale, Marvin Ramírez