Wednesday - Jul 17, 2019

Nicaraguan documentary “Heir of the wind” to premiere in Amsterdam

by the El Reportero’s news services

The historical events that marked Nicaragua in 1980, whose sequels have not been cured, merge with the present and family history of filmmaker Gloria Carrión in the documentary Heredera del Viento, a film that will be released worldwide at the International Film Festival Documentary from Amsterdam (IDFA) from November 15 to 27.

Among more than 3,000 applications received by IDFA in each of its annual editions, Gloria Carrión’s film was selected along with another 300 and will be one of four productions that will represent Latin America in Holland.

“It will be a pleasure to share screen with other stories of the world. Without a doubt, it fills me with a lot of emotion that this movie that began as a dream now meets the audience, “says Gloria Carrión, director and producer of the film.

It was four years to bring to the big screen this production, which was filmed in León, Managua and Masaya with a technical team from Spain, Mexico, Colombia, the United States and Guatemala.

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United States abandons UNESCO

The United States government decided to abandon the Organization of United Nations for Education, Science and Culture (UNESCO), announced today director general of that entity, Irina Bokova.

When communicating that decision, Bokova said the U.S. withdrawal from that specialized agency of the UNO, means ‘a loss for multilateralism’ at a crucial moment when ‘the fight against violent extremism asks for a renewed investment in education and the intercultural dialogue to prevent hate’.

Since 2011, the northern nation had suspended its financial contributions to UNESCO as reprisal for the admission of Palestine as a member state.

In July this year, the Department of State of that country announced it would review its membership to the organization after describing as an ‘offense to history’ the decision taken, on the proposal of Palestine to consider the old city of Hebron in occupied West Jordan as ‘World Heritage in danger’.

A note emitted today by the U.S. foreign ministry argues that the withdrawal, to be effective on December 2018, is due to the fact that Washington considers that in UNESCO there exists an alleged ‘anti-israelite bias’ and demands ‘a fundamental reform’ that in the opinion of observers, may adapt the objectives and actions of that institution to its interests.

Theater Festival for Children and Teenagers Continues in El Salvador

The 2nd National Theater Festival for Children Festi-2017, continues today with the play Sopa de Sueños, by the cultural project La Colmenita de Sonzacate.

The festival, opened with a moving story of grief and hope performed by the group from El Mozote, shows the progress of a social project fostered by President Salvador Sanchez Ceren.

The initiative goal is to contribute to the happiness and the promotion of values in Salvadoran children.

The golden rule of the group is to do good, to boost values such as equity, brotherhood, respect for the elderly, love of the homeland and coexistence over political or religious barriers. Las Colmenitas were firstly founded in El Salvador in November 2015.