Wednesday - Jul 17, 2019

New president must restore Nicaragua its dignity

by Marvin J Ramirez

From The Editor Marvin J. RamirezFrom The Editor Marvin J. Ramirez

Regardless of any of the many diverse opinions over the ascension of Daniel Ortega Saavedra as President of Nicaragua, and the doubts about whether he will return Nicaragua to the past, there is one truth than canʼt be changed: Nicaragua is already a Democracy. And is through this Democracy, that he will be reelected or rejected if he doesnʼt keep his campaign promises. And one of those pledges was to eradicate poverty in Nicaragua and save it from destruction.

The scenario, for the first time, shows a quite Washington, as Cuba, Venezuela, Bolivia, and Nicaragua, creating a political and economic force that threatens its monopoly and influence in the Central and South American region.

Despite the high level of governmental corruption, during the last three democratic administrations, Nicaragua has created a more accountable and organized government, according to financial experts. However, the middle class is almost non-existent, poverty is higher; the rich have gotten richer, while its economy has reached an unprecedented level of dependency to the remittances from the U.S. This has created a fictitious economy and it has only served as a ben-aid to alleviate

some extreme poverty temporarily. It has blocked Nicaraguanʼs real economic development, just as it has been done in most parts of Latin America, such as Mexico, and most Central American countries.

The situations has been working in such a way, that it seems that it has been planned purposely, to divide, to break your economy and then take over of your assets.

Most of Nicaraguaʼs best beaches and tourist consortiums are owned by foreign capital, and the some say that the Taiwaning of Nicaragua is imminent.

“Everything is for sale in Nicaragua,” said journalist William Fonceca, who lives in Managua, while poverty is seen everywhere.

Canʼt help to feel profoundly hurt to see casinos expanding in Nicaragua, while the business of prostitution is uncontrollably expanding.

If Ortega really means what he has said about rescuing Nicaragua from its poverty and these evil trends that are making our beloved Nicaragua to become a whore, he should stop the current trend of destruction of its values as a proud nation, by rehabilitating the country of Ruben Darío before it is too late and stop the selling of the countryʼs soul, and our oceans and lakesʼ lands to foreign corporations.

Casinos should have no place in our land of lakes and volcanoes.­