Sunday - Feb 28, 2021

Mexico wins first game under Hugo Sánchez direction

­by Bernard Mendoza

Hugo Sánchez­­Hugo Sánchez

Mexico got it’s first win under new coach and legendary former player, Hugo Sanchez, in San Diego on Wednesday Feb. 28, by defeating Venezuela 3 to 1.

According to Associated Press reports, “El Tri”(Mexican National Team) marked 3 first half goals and surrendered only one goal during the second period to secure the victory.

The contest was a hard fought match that both the young and old players demonstrated by Hugo’s aggressive attacking style of play.

Twenty year old Andres Guardado scored the first goal with a left footed 15 yard strike and Fernando Arce scored the second from the right side of the penalty box. The older experienced players were also represented in this match by Cuahtemoc Blanco, who drove in a penalty shot in the 48th minute that beat Venezuela’s goalkeeper Sanhouse. Venezuela was able to avoid a shut out by scoring when defender Daniel Arismendi scored off a pass from Evelio Hernandez in the 83 minute, according to AP reports.

The two young players represented the Mexico’s youth movement as well as the bright future of the National team’s dreams of dominating the North American Region. It also showed Hugo Sanchez’ optimism for the Mexico’s preparation and success in the CONCACF upcoming tournaments.

It was reported that Hugo commented on the result by saying, “It’s like exchanging pleasantries with an acquaintance. It’s just a way of saying that this will be the first of many victories we will obtain. I hope the ones we get in the future will be well-deserved as tonight’s was.”

No doubt this was a hard fought victory for Mexico, but it also looks like Hugo’s style and flare has rubbed off on the National Team’s type of play and could carry “El Tri” to become a world class soccer power.