Sunday - Apr 21, 2019

Mexico proves constitutionality of energy reform

by the El Reportero’s wire services


The Permanent Commission of the Congress of Mexico today upheld the constitutionality of the energy reform, after 24 local legislative ratified the initiative approved by deputies and senators last week.

Six days after the two cameras give their endorsement, the president of the Board, Ricardo Anaya, was commissioned to communicate the validity of the changes to Articles 25, 27 and 28 of the constitution, which for the first time since 1938 opened the hydrocarbons sector to private investment.

In less than 20 minutes at the start of its regular session, lawmakers met the necessary formalities and now sent the measure to the federal chief executive, Enrique Peña Nieto, for enactment.

Before the declaration, several left-wing lawmakers took the floor to express their anti-reform position, while showing signs with “EPN, traitor”, referring to the Mexican president.

Argentine rejects UK pretended rights over Falklands

Argentina firmly rejected a protest of the United Kingdom government arguing pretended rights over the Falkland Islands, Southern Georgia and Southern Sandwich and the surrounding maritime spaces.

Specifically, the Argentinean foreign ministry referred to the protest in London to the norm establishing sanctions to any physical or juridical person with direct or indirect participation in exploration and exploitation activities of hydrocarbon in the continental platform of Argentina.

A note of the Foreign Affairs Ministry specifies that the precept also penalize its transportation or storage, which should not be authorized by the competent authority.

The release remarks that the resolution was sanctioned by the National Congress and has as space environment of implementation the Argentinean maritime spaces, defined as such by the corresponding laws adopted in the framework of the applicable international law.

The position of the Argentinean government was transmitted personally by the vice foreign minister, Eduardo Zuain, to the British ambassador accredited in Buenos Aires.

Mothers of Central American migrants conclude tour of Mexico

The ninth convoy of Central American mothers searching for their children missing migrants in Mexico concludes its journey today in the state of Chiapas, after having found six families.

Women from El Salvador, Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala began the journey on December 2, with the aim of going through the two routes followed by Central American migrants through Aztec territory to try to reach the United States.

According to the representative of the General Coordination in Mexico of the initiative, Martha Sánchez, the journey this year has been fruitful, achieving and exceeding the target they have for this year, of finding five children. Young people missing were found in the cities of Palenque, Guadalajara, Nuevo Leon, Mexico City, Tehuantepec and Tapachula. In the central park of the latter town, belonging to the state of Chiapas, organizations such as the Mesoamerican Migrants Movement, the Committee of Relatives of Deceased Migrants and International Health, inaugurated an exhibition of photographs of dozens missing.

During the final day of the caravan, women have planned to meet with Central American residing in the federal entity and commemorate the Dec. 18 the International Migrants Day.

In the different tour stops, Sánchez explained that the route followed through Mexico is sinuous and hides many vexations to the Central American searching a better life in the United States.

Sánches said that support for the caravan has been very good, because they have been well treated and supported in each of the municipalities, but that contrasts with the abuse that their sons, brothers and husbands suffered during passage through this country.

Women questioned why the organized crime has more power than the authorities in different levels of government.