Wednesday - Jul 17, 2019

Mexican teachers block Televisa, demand right of reply

by Narayan Ammachchi


Mexican teachers blocked today the headquarters of Televisa and demanded at least 30 minutes to explain the reasons of their protests in the streets against education reform.

Cars are banned from circulating on the street leading to Televisa in Chapultepec Avenue by teachers from several unions like Mixteca, la Sierra, Guerrero and Chiapas, among others, according to the on-line edition of La Jornada journal.

According to the source, Professor Isaías Jaime Ignacio Cruz said the teachers’s remaining in the place will depend on whether Televisa managers agree to their demand of the right of reply against the way their protests are covered, and they want to explain their reasons.

He said that if Televisa executives give CNTE at least 30 minutes of news programs, they will stage a rally and then return to the main square (Zocalo) in the capital, the place where thousands of them have been camping for over a week to protest education reform.

According to La Jornada, the demonstrators complain that Televisa uses hours of its time to discredit the teachers´ struggle, but it never gives them the opportunity to defend themselves as it is their right.

Central America to promote outsourcing opportunities at Nicaragua summit

Five Central American investment promotion agencies are jointly organizing a summit on outsourcing services in the Nicaraguan capital Managua.

The two-day event, which begins November 7, will emphasize outsourcing opportunities in the region.

Organizers of the event say they want to capitalize on the region’s competitive advantages – such as its cultural and geographical proximity with the United States – to promote the region as a nearshore outsourcing hub. The event is hosted by Nicaraguan investment promotion agency Nicaragua and will be coordinated by other agencies including CINDE (Costa Rica), FIDE (Honduras), Invest in Guatemala and PROESA (El Salvador).

Industry experts will present their views on the advantages and disadvantages of setting up an outsourcing services business in the region and discuss the prospects for the future growth of the market. Central America is already home to several internationally renowned companies such as IBM, TCS, Intel, Xerox, Transactel, Sykes, Stream Global Services, Citi and Hewlett-Packard.

UNASUR Summit marked by Syria

The condemnation of an possible military attack of US on Syria and a plan of action to simplify its internal functioning and step up its Secretary general marked the Summit of Union of South American Nations (UNASUR).

The Paramaribo Declaration rejected the foreign interventions incompatibles with the UN Charter.

The text reiterated the call for peace waiting that the Syrian people, in exercise of its sovereignty, can find a peaceful and negotiated solution to the conflict.

The Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro said that during the meeting will be analyzed a proposal of Caracas to change UNASUR statute to avoid its burocratization.

The also agreed that UNASUR general secretary, Venezuelan Ali Rodriguez Araque, who finished the post he was holding since June, 2012, remain in it for 30 days more while the substitute is found by consensus.

Maduro explained that the foreign ministers of the group will have two months to present a plan of action to simplify the running of the forum.