Monday - Jul 22, 2019

Mexican immigrant acquitted of murder of Kate Steinle

by the El Reportero’s wire services

A Mexican immigrant was acquitted of murder and manslaughter charges in San Francisco on Thursday, Nov. 30, in the politically charged shooting and death of a woman, the San Francisco Chronicle reported.

The case against José Inés García Zarate, who immigrated illegally to the United States, became a rallying cry for President Donald Trump during his campaign for the White House, as he pushed to halt illegal immigration and penalize so-called sanctuary cities, including San Francisco.

Zarate, who had been deported to Mexico five times since first entering the U.S. as a juvenile, said the July 1, 2015, shooting of Kate Steinle on a pier in San Francisco, was an accident.

The San Francisco jury, while acquitting him of murder and manslaughter charges, found him guilty of the lesser charge of being a felon in possession of a firearm, a San Francisco Chronicle reporter covering the case said on Twitter.

Honduras under tension due to presidential elections results

Honduras dawned in tension on Nov. 30 after the presidential candidate for the Opposition Alliance against the Dictatorship party, Salvador Nasralla, has denounced to the public that the Supreme Electoral Tribunal (TSE) manipulated the data.

Nasrallah said he would ignore the results of the general elections offered by the TSE, noting that the electoral entity is deceitful, corrupt and serves the president and candidate for reelection, Juan Orlando Hernández.

‘I was the target of a trap and I do not fall into traps,’ said the opposition candidate when referring to the signing of a pact with the Organization of American States (OAS) in which he committed, like Orlando Hernández, to accept the results.

Nasrallah said that hours after the signing of that agreement polling data were altered during several cuts on the TSE computer system.

‘We do not recognize the results because on Wednesday the server fell down and then files were downloaded that we can not allow and you can verify it, these are minutes that are not signed by the representatives at the polling stations,’ he said.

Although the opposition candidate will have to demonstrate his allegations of fraud, the delayed publication of the results by the TSE have done nothing but generate doubts and suspicions inside and outside the country.

Mexico Ranks Fifth in the World in Human Trafficking

Mexico ranks today fifth in the world for the crime of human trafficking, acknowledged Renato Sales Heredia, National Security Commissioner.
The official accepted that it is a problem for the country and a form of modern slavery that it is necessary to prevent and confront in collaboration with other nations.

He commented that human trafficking is a crime that deeply hurts, that hurts dignity, by turning people into objects, because they are offered as merchandise.

‘It transgresses not only the dignity of the most vulnerable: of minors, of women, of migrants; but also those of their families, their parents, brothers, children, and affects us all, society and the community,’ he said.

During the inauguration of the first Hemispheric Summit on Human Trafficking, he commented that it is necessary to have policies that combat crime in the country, as well as a culture change among Mexicans.

The Diagnosis of Trafficking in Persons was made by the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) in 2014 and updated in 2016.

According to the information gathered from local prosecutors, 87.9 percent of trafficking victims are Mexicans and 93.4 percent are women.