Look young and beautiful with these 20 common superfoods

By Brocky Wilson


06/26/2021 – Functional foods are known for boosting the health of your internal organs, but they actually keep you healthy both inside and out. Nutrients in everyday superfoods like avocado and spinach have a number of beauty benefits, like glowing skin, healthy hair, strong nails and whiter teeth.

Here are 20 common beauty foods that will help improve your appearance from head to toe:

For healthy, glowing skin

Wrinkles, pimples and uneven skin tone are just among the many skin issues that we experience due to aging and excessive sun exposure. Eat the following foods for glowing, youthful and clear skin:

– Soybeans – These foods are high in protein and various minerals that help reduce blemishes and even your skin tone. Dietary protein is important for skin health because it supplies the amino acids needed to make keratin, which is one of the structural proteins in your skin, hair and nails.

– Avocado – This fat-rich superfood is chock-full of healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These beneficial fats help lock moisture and slow the aging process.

– Kidney beans – These beans can help reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne, thanks to their high zinc content. Zinc helps get rid of acne by reducing inflammation and irritation. Meanwhile, low zinc levels are associated with skin blemishes.

– Greek yogurt – The lactic acid in Greek yogurt tightens your skin, making it more resistant to fine lines and wrinkles.

– Extra virgin olive oil – Olive oil is packed with antioxidants that help slow the aging process and reduce puffiness under your eyes. To get rid of puffy eyes, simply apply olive oil to your skin.

For thick, shiny hair

As your crowning glory, your hair makes a big difference to how you look. Eat these functional foods for shiny, strong and thick hair:

– Cheese – Cheese contains biotin, a B vitamin commonly consumed to boost hair growth.

– Oyster – Zinc in oysters help strengthens hair follicles and encourages the growth of thick hair. Studies suggest that zinc deficiency weakens the protein structure that makes up follicles.

– Poultry – Poultry products like eggs are excellent sources of biotin and protein, both of which strengthen your hair and spur growth. When you don’t consume enough protein, your body rations the macronutrient so that other parts of your body can get a piece of it. This leaves little for your hair, potentially causing hair loss.

– Salmon – This fatty fish is one of the best sources of omega-3s, which make your hair shiny by feeding the oil glands around your hair follicles. Omega-3s also have anti-inflammatory properties that help open follicles and stimulate healthy hair growth.

– Spinach – This leafy green vegetable is loaded with vitamins A and C, iron and beta carotene. These nutrients help keep your scalp and hair moisturized, helping prevent hair breakage.

For strong, whiter teeth

Having healthy teeth is key to a bright, beautiful smile, which is why oral care is super important. The following foods are good for your teeth and help protect against tooth decay and other dental problems.

– Green tea – Remove tartar by sipping a cup of green tea regularly. Studies found that green tea helps reduce plaque, lowers acidity and controls the populations of bacteria in your mouth. There is also evidence that drinking green tea protects against gum disease and tooth decay.

– Cheese – Cheese is a rich source of calcium, which is important for strong, healthy teeth. Experts also say that eating cheese reduces acidity in the mouth and helps prevent tooth decay.

– Strawberries – These berries contain a natural tooth cleanser in malic acid, which helps whiten your teeth by breaking tooth-staining particles.

– Celery – This vegetable stimulates the production of saliva by making you chew a lot. This increase in saliva then neutralizes more bacteria in your mouth, helping prevent cavities.

– Cashews – Cashews have antibacterial properties that fight tooth decay and improve oral health. They are also high in magnesium, which promotes healthy bones and teeth.

For smooth, healthy nails

Healthy nails are smooth and free from pits or grooves. They are uniform in color and consistency and have no spots or discoloration. Achieve healthy nails by adding the following superfoods into your diet:

– Mackerel – The omega-3s in mackerel help reverse dry or brittle nails by keep them moisturized.

– Chia seeds – Chia seeds are a great source of protein, calcium and magnesium, all of which support the production of proteins needed to grow healthy nails.

– Pumpkin seeds – Pumpkin seeds also contain some of the key elements of strong and healthy nails, such as protein, zinc and iron.

– Broccoli – This vegetable provides the amino acid cysteine, which maintains the structure of proteins in your nails. In addition, cysteine is an antioxidant that helps fight aging.

– Raw cacao – Raw cacao are full of nutrients that are important for nail health, such as calcium, magnesium, iron and zinc.

Many superfoods contain nutrients that are beneficial to your skin, hair, teeth and nails. Add the foods listed here to your diet to look young and beautiful from head to toe.