Tuesday - Jun 25, 2019

Letters to the editor

AB 1634, what many call “the Pet Extinction Act” now moves to the State Senate having passed by one vote in the Assembly. In what appears to be more of a puppet show at the Capitol and a turn toward communism, the new amended version thanks to Assembly member Lloyd Levine, allows a family to breed their dog one time but prohibits the pups to be sold and must be given away free! The adult dogs must then be sterilized. Families that are violators can be fined and charged criminally.

Last week at the Pacific Convention of the California Veterinary Medical Association there were many angry disputes between the state’s veterinarians.Security had to be called to protect the leadership that continues to back the bill even though its members were not allowed to make that decision.

Dr. Ron Cole, President of the San Francisco Dog Training Club calls AB 1634 the Big Lie stating that the numbers supplied by Assemblymember Levine are gross, exaggerated and a tactic employed by animal rights activists for decades even though euthanasia at shelters has been going down statewide, even in the worst areas.

He continues, “The truth is that the public is tired of Big Lies, whether they are about W.M.D. or a supposed pet population problem… we should be able to count on our elected representatives not to perpetuate the Big Lie and not to enact such an unpopular and unjust law.”

The National Animal Interest Alliance, a long-term advocate of neutering pets, opposes the bill because it robs dog and cat owners of the ability to make critically important decisions about whether and when to have surgery performed on their pet and grants this decision to the government. PetPAC, a grass roots coalition recently formed to fight AB 1634, marched with their dogs as a contingency in the recent Pride Parade.