Sunday - Apr 18, 2021
  • Commonwealth Club hosts two distinguished speakers


    The Commonwealth Club hosts Professor Emeritus, UC and author Chalmers Johnson in conversation with USF Visiting Professor Patrick Lloyd Hatcher on “America’s Imperial Overreach”. A high-profile critic of U.S.

  • Hispanics merchants inaugurate Latino supermarket

    ­by Marvin J. Ramírez Carmen Ibarra, Anastacio Ibarra, Yanelly Ibarra, Audelio Maldonado, sobrinos (Tiffany, Miguel, David, Melanie, Carlos) Mario Ayar, Angel Ibarra,Mario C. Panoringan, Georgette Sarlers (cutting ribbon), Michael P. Guingona, Maggie Gómez (Daly City Mayor). After a mild battle with some merchant neighbors and a substantial financial effort, a San Mateo County Mexican-descent family

  • Is Venezuela swerving leftwards?

    by the El Reportero wire services

    Hugo ChávezHugo Chávez

    VENEZUELA – What is significant about the nationalisation measures announced by Venezuela’s President Hugo Chávez over the past month, is that the government is not seizing the commanding heights of the economy.


  • City College elects its two highest officials

    by City College staff

    Anita GrierAnita Grier

    Dr. Anita Grier was sworn in as President of the Board of Trustees of City College of San Francisco by Mayor Gavin Newsom at a ceremony March 1 at City Hall. Julio J. Ramos took the oath of office as Vice President. Both will serve throughout 2007.