Sunday - Apr 18, 2021
  • Immigrant crime and the fear-feeding frenzy

    by José de la Isla

    HOUSTON – Tell me straight. Do you think crime by immigrants is getting out of control? Has local media been carrying those stories? Do you think it’s worse now than before? Do you think the police need more legal tools to get control?

    If so, there’s something you should know.

    Another lengthy academic study has just come out maintaining that immigrants are far less inclined to be bad guys than our native sons. It’s the natives who grow up to become criminals.

  • Making money on the backs of the undocumented

    by Marvin J. Ramírez Good business for the city A SFPD cop takes away the auto of a couple at 22nd and Mision streets for not having a driver’s license, after he stopped them for having the windows too dark. NEWS ANALYSIS – Besides for being known for its immense colorful gay population and its

  • Chávez haunts Bush in Central America

    by the El Reportero news services

    Hugo ChávezHugo Chávez

    LEON, Nicaragua: Venezuelan Preside­nt Hugo Chávez sang his anti-Bush praying of “gringo go home” on Sunday night in a friendly reunion with Nicaraguan revolutionary Daniel Ortega in front of thousands of cheering supporters.

  • PBS, Latinos still at loggerheads over Burns’s exclusion of Latinos

    by Alex Meneses Miyashita

    Maggie RivasMaggie Rivas

    Hispanic advocates and executives from the Public Broadcasting System came to no resolution after 90 minutes of discussion and debate March 6 regarding a seven-part World War 11 documentary by Ken Burns that ignores the role of Latinos in the conflict.

  • Website launched in honor of César Chávez

    by Beth Pinio Sam Ruíz  (baseball cap), executive director del Mission Neighborhood Centers, celebrates with other children contestants, the crowning of the junior king and queen for Carvanaval 2006. (photo by john n. Lee) A collection of Latin musicians will perform at Café de la Paz in Berkeley to ben­efit “the Children of Chaguitillo” Nicaragua.

  • San Francisco forum to assist youth and families

    Compiled by Elisabeth Pinio

    Mark LenoMark Leno

    San Francisco Mayor, Gavin Newsom, announced a forum to assist youth and families in the San Francisco community. The meeting will be held at the Excelsior Boys and Girls Club on April 21 at 2 p.m.

  • Can a boat help Alberto Gonzales from sinking?

    ­by José de la Isla

    HOUSTON– One would think Attorney General Alberto Gonzáles would have already thrown in the towel. His two top staff members have resigned and Congress is demanding more documents from him, and his anticipated testimony before a Senate hearing is expected to produce fireworks.

    So, what makes him tick? What’s back there?