Tuesday - Jul 23, 2019
  • U.S. extends TPS for Central Americans an additional 18 months

    by Alex Meneses Miyashita

    The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced May 2 it would extend Temporary Protected Status to more than 300,000 Central Americans for an additional 18 months.

    The extension will apply to some 230,000 Salvadorians, 78,000 Hondurans end 4,000 Nicaraguans who currently live in the country under the status.

    The TPS for Hondurans and Nicaraguans was set to expire in July and for Salvadorans in September.

  • Boxing

    Andrea SarritzuAndrea Sarritzu

    May 25 (Friday), 2007

    In Ravenna, Italy

    Alberto Servidei (24-0-1) vs. Yuri Voronin (24-6-2)

    May 26 (Saturday), 2007

    In TBA, Poland

    Krzysztof Wlodarczyk vs. Steve Cunningham

    (The Ring Magazine #2 Cruiserweight vs. #3)

  • Mentors that Matter exhibition at SFPL

    ­by Elisabeth Pinio

    The San Francisco Public Library will showcase a Mentors That Matter exhibition at the Main Library June 2 through August 2, 2006. This is a national project that provides youth from four United States cities the opportunity to honor adults who have made an impact in their lives, outside of home and school.

    Sponsored by MetLife Foundation, Mentors That Matter is an initiative of What Kids Can Do, Inc., a national nonprofit organization who gives a voice to our youth.

  • The feud continues between Woodfin and its fired workers

    by Elisabeth Pinio State and local governments are launching programs to see if itʼs possible to convert their hybrid cars and trucks into plug-in Cars Woodfin Suites continues to resist the demands of immigrant workers that were fired in late 2006. The Emeryville, Calif. hotel terminated several employees after they attempted to defend their living

  • The Mexican bar exam – Isabel’s choice

    by Adam Saytanides

    MEXICO CITY – Mexico has to clean up corruption before the nation can develop its economy, confront organized crime, and staunch the flow of immigrants north. But this won’t happen overnight.

    The practice of paying a mordida, or bribe, is just too deeply ingrained.

    In Mexico, it seems to seep into every aspect of life.

  • Good-bye Eric

    by Marvin J. Ramírez Dozens of cars with mourners followed Eric’s funeral Doris Campos says a preyer at her son’s grave ( Photo By Marvin J. Ramirez ) If people thought he had no friends, they were wrong. The body of Eric Campos, 19, who got killed on May 15, by a 16-year-old man, in

  • Venezuelan Ambassador answers critical questions

    by Marvin J. Ramírez Reafirming Hugo Chávez (L-R) Jan Kalicki looks at his watch while Venezuelan Ambassador answers questions from the audience. ­( Photo By Marvin J. Ramírez ) As Venezuela becomes the bastion of leadership of the new leftist movement in Latin America, and voices of criticism and support crash at political circles, many

  • Honduran government dictates to the media

    by the El Reportero news services

    Manuel ZelayaManuel Zelaya

    HONDURAS – President Manuel Zelaya ordered television and radio stations to broadcast two hours of government propaganda each day from 28 May in order to “counteract the misinformation” that he claims the media presents about his administration.