Tuesday - Jul 23, 2019
  • Cuban buries the ‘machismo – Leninism’

    Project is so advanced, that accepts marriages between gays and lesbians and up to right to the adoption

    by Mauricio Vicent

    Havana – The Cuban machismo – Leninism, which had his epoch of splendor in the gray and homophobic 70s, is in crisis and on the verge of being buried. They are already not only the apologies and public knowledge realized in the last years to artists and intellectuals who were alienated by their sexual orientation.

  • What a big party the NCLR ALMA Awards

    by Tracie Morales

    Carlos ReygadasCarlos Reygadas

    PARTYTIME: Latinos are known for throwing great fi estas. The 2007 NCLR ALMA AWARDS, airing June 5 on ABC, is no exception. Actress Eva Longoria heats up the hottest night on television as host of the event honoring Hispanics in music, movies and TV.

  • Ortega condems Washington for inciting Chávez protest

    El reportero news services

    CARACAS, Venezuela: Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega accused Washington of
    fomenting student-led protests against Venezuela for not renewing the
    license of an opposition-aligned television station.

    Flanked by Chávez during a speech that all of Venezuela’s TV channels were
    forced to broadcast, Ortega said his government supported his host’s
    decision not to renew Radio Caracas Television’s (RCTV) broadcast
    license and warned against “Yankee intervention” in Venezuela’s affairs.

  • The other drug war

    by José de la Isla

    MEXICO CITY — Not everyone knows but perhaps they should. The New World people conquered Europe beginnin­g in the 16th century with their fresh fruits, vegetables, condiments and confections. Sugar was one of them.

    The other thing that most of us don’t think about too much is that sugar became as addictive as heroin. It went from a luxury to a necessity to a mind- and body-altering food. Over the last five centuries, sugar consumption has come to be virtually measured in terms of mountains instead of teaspoons.

  • “Peruvian Pocahontas” in Quito to pressure oil giante

    by the El Reportero’s news services

    Judgment nears in landmark $6-billion-environmental trial

    Quito – Chevron’s three decades of devastating toxic dumping in the Ecuadorian rainforest will be in the spotlight this week as the actress and environmentalist Daryl Hannah, tours communities ravaged by cancer and other diseases related to the contamination.

  • After marathon meeting, ken burns, Latinos come to terms

    by José de la Isla

    In what some key advocates view as a major breakthrough in the Latino community’s confrontation with PBS over Ken Burns’ upcoming TV documentary on World War II, Burns has approved a five-point statement agreeing to add new material on Hispanic veterans within the body of the documentary, significantly changing his 14-hour film.

    The documentary, titled "The War," consists of seven two-hour segments. It is scheduled to air beginning Sept. 23.