Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019
  • Xicana Moratorium Day

    ­by Christina Geovany

    It has been 37 years between the first Chicano Moratorium and the present day. Raza is still constantly facing the same struggles and dealing with similar problems such as the war, immigration, deportation, gang violence, poverty, etc.

  • WWII veterans brought leadership skills back home

    by Kenneth Burt

    The harsh reality that politics and war are intertwined is evident in the decision of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus to pressure filmmaker Ken Burns to include Latinos in his PBS documentary on World War II.

    Latinos were part of conflict from the beginning as the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor claimed the life of Rudolf Martínez of San Diego. Valor on the battlefields of Asia and Europe was widely recognized and Latinos won more Congressional Medals of Honor than any other ethnic group.

  • Let’s not drop the guard, hold your guns

    by Marvin J. Ramírez

    Marvin RamirezMarvin Ramirez

    The Second Amendment of the United States Constitution clearly states that, “A well regulated Militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms shall not be infringed.”

  • USPS commemorates landmark desegregation case with its own stamp

    by Marvin J. Ramírez STAMP SYMBOL OF DESEGREGATION Two U.S. Postal Service employees hold the stamp that commemorates the desegragation of the schools in the U.S. (photo by Marvin J. Ramírez) Many probably do know that once upon a time schools were segregated in the United States and people went to certain schools or not

  • AFL-CIO VP Chavez-Thompson steps down after 12 years of service

    by Mario Aguirre

    Linda Chávez-ThompsonLinda Chávez-Thompson

    Linda Chávez-Thompson, the first person of color to hold one of the top three elective offices at the 10-million-member AFL-CIO, retired Sept. 21 after serving as its executive vice president for the 5last 12 years.

  • Orozco’s Man of Fire to premier on PBS

    by Antonio Mejías-Rentas José Clemente Orozco, Gods of the Modern World (1932), part of a mural located at Dartmouth University, Hanover, New Hampshire. MAN ON FlRE: Un documental del muralista mexicano José Clemente Orozco que se estrenará esta semana en PBS es el último de cuatro nuevos programas con temática latina en la cadena de

  • State Legislature bans toxic toys

    by Juliana Birnbaum Fox

    The California State Senate last week approved landmark legislation which would make California the first state in the country to ban dangerous chemicals used in baby toys.

    “The United States has become a dumping ground for chemical filled toys that are banned in much of the industrialized world,” said Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, who authored the bill.