Tuesday - Jun 25, 2019
  • A tradition written in Spanish

    ­by José de la Isla

    HOUSTON — At a time when so much that is significant about Hispanics is commonly believed to have little or no precedent, two national Latino groups celebrate journalistic landmarks this year.

    The series of examples come out of journalism history and lead right to what you are reading today.

  • Driving is a right, not a privilege

    by Marvin J. Ramirez

    Marvin RamirezMarvin Ramirez

    (This is the first part of a series of three parts)

  • Majority Leader intends to bring DREAM Act to floor vote in November

    by Alex Meneses Miyashita The DREAM Act, an uphill battle Activists and students show support for DREAM Act, while other students endure a week-long hunger strike in the San Fr­ancisco Civic Center. (file photos by Marvin J. Ramirez) Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid ( D-Nev) has stated the intention to bring the so-Galled DREAM Act

  • Pioneer Chicano journalist Rubén Salazar to be memorized with stamp

    by Adolfo Flores

    Rubén Salazar­Rubén Salazar

    For those who followed his career firsthand and others who came to know him only as a martyr, there will soon be a new way to remember pioneer Chicano journalist Ruben Salazar. Early next year, he will be 5memorialized on a first-class postage stamp.

  • Binational Health Week

    by Juliana Birnbaum Fox

    This annual week-long series of health-promotion and health-education activities, which has become one of the largest mobilization efforts in the Americas to improve the well-being of underserved immigrants and migrants of Latin American origin, will launch Oct. 14-16 in Los Angeles. A joint effort of the Mexican government and the Health Initiative of the Americas (a program of the University of California), Binational Health Week opens with an inaugural event and a Policy Forum on Migration and Health.

  • Ray Sepúlveda: 10 years after

    by Marvin J. Ramírez

    Ray SepúlvedaRay Sepúlveda

    It’s been 10 years since salsa music singer Ray Sepúlveda was interviewed by El Reportero.

  • Xicana Moratorium Day

    ­by Christina Geovany

    It has been 37 years between the first Chicano Moratorium and the present day. Raza is still constantly facing the same struggles and dealing with similar problems such as the war, immigration, deportation, gang violence, poverty, etc.