Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019
  • Another wall for the GOP – humpty dumpty’s on it

    by José de la Isla

    HOUSTON — The second shoe fell last week when the Christian-conservative “Values Voters” met in Washington. Out of 5,775 opinion votes cast, national frontrunner Rudy Giuliani finished next to last, with only two percent, in a field of six contenders.

    The Christian right is far from reaching consensus. Meanwhile Latino evangelicals, a crucial swing bloc, have quietly left Republican hopefuls to fend for themselves.

  • Survey: One third of respondents were bothered by Spanish speaking; 10 percent prejudiced against Latinos

    by Alex Meneses Miyashita

    One third of respondents to a survey on immigration said they are “bothered” by Spanish speaking in the United States.

    The ABC News Good Morning America poll of 1,035 adults found 33 percent were troubled by it while a two-third majority’ 66 percent said they were not.

    More than half of those surveyed (55 percent) said they o-ften come into contact with Spanish speakers, while 23 percent said “sometimes,” 17 percent “rarely” and only 5 percent “never.”

  • Workers walk with hope

    by the El Reportero staff ID for the undocumented Members of the Day Labor Program march on Mission St. toward City Hall to support legislation. (photo by Marvin J. Ramirez) The legislation sponsored by San Francisco Supervisor Tom Ammiano which will provide undocumented with a City ID card, received strong support from labor and immigrant

  • Ailing Castro votes from his bed

    by the El Reportero news services

    Fidel CastroFidel Castro

    Havana – An ailing Fidel Castro cast his ballot in private on Sunday in Cuba’s municipal elections, which he said were a rejection of United States pressures for political change in the communist state.

  • Bush’s veto means loss of health care coverage for California kids

    ­by Ali Tabatabai

    Oakland city officials found that Prudential Overall Supply, a contracted uniform and laundry company operating in Milpitas, violated local living wage ordinance by underpaying its workers.

    According to UNITE HERE, a union representing industrial and service workers, Prudential owes nearly $40,000 in backwages to its current and former employees. The City of Oakland Finance Committee said they will also demand more backpay due to low health insurance contributions from the company.

  • How to spot a Chicano from New Texicalorizona

    ­by Philip Móntez

    (As Hispanic Heritage Month fades from the calendar, Hispanic Link News Service offers this satirical view of Mexican Americans as products of their Southwestern geographical divisions. First published by Hispanic Link News Service 27 years ago, it is authored by Philip Móntez, who recently retired from his position as Western Regional Director of the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights.)