Thursday - Apr 22, 2021

La Jefa & Ayahuasca Band interviews with El Reportero TV


Peruvian and U.S. domiciled rising Rock ‘n Español singer star La Jefa interviews with Marvin Ramírez at the El ReporteroTV studios in the San Francisco Mission District on Friday Dec. 19, 2014. La Jefa started playing the guitar when whe was a very young girl, became a folkloric dancer, studied medicine and became a dentist in her native Perú, had a child, moved to the U.S. and now is intensively pursuing her singer career while going to back to school in her same dental field in the San Francisco/San Jose area. Her band, which she named, Ayahuasca, includes her brother as the first guitar. Soon, the band will finish recording ther first single, which she composed.