Tuesday - Jul 23, 2019

It seems that a comprehensive immigration law will pass this year

­by Marvin J. Ramirez

From The Editor:  Marvin J. RamirezFrom The Editor: Marvin J. Ramirez

It’s likely that an immigration reform will pass this year. That is what it seems, according to supporters of comprehensive immigration.

A bill, expected to be introduced by Reps. Luis Gutiérrez (D-Ill.) and Jeff Flake (R-Ariz), would include stronger border security, a guest worker program, and a path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

During a recent congressional hearing, Bush administration officials testified in Congress on Feb. 28, confirming the Administration support of a comprehensive bill.

Both Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) well-received the news, as they planned to introduced a similar bill they drafted during the 109th Congress, reported Weekly Report.

Meanwhile, protesters spread the clamor of thousand of poor immigrants here in San Francisco Bay Area, who more than ever, leave their homes for work with extreme fear of the Immigration, Custom Enforcement (ICE). The federal agency has been persisting in detaining undocumented immigrants using unethical tactics as posing as police officer to enter immigrants’ homes and arresting people. This is a cruel. It’s cruel to separate families.

Sen. John McCainSen. John McCain

They got to be anti-immigrant officials with great influence to motivate this ICE’s actions, which are taking place at a time when the introduction of an immigration comprehensive bill is about to happen, and which would legalize these same people ICE wants to arrest.

Is there an inside, coordinated effort to prevent as many people possible to be legalized before the passage of this law?

If this is true, then this is very evil, as they are causing unnecessary pain and suffering to honest, hard-working people who had to cross the border to save themselves from extreme hardship at home. And the truth is that there aren’t many legal channels for them to get a visa to come and work legally.

Please note that although there are many people with enough resources to wait at home to immigrate to the U.S. legally, these undocumented immigrants living now in the U.S. are the type of people who couldn’t wait for 10 or more years to get a visa.

Everyone who is part of the fabric of the economy of the U.S., that is workers, students, etc., have a moral obligation to support these undocumented immigrants to become lawful tax payers by supporting a comprehensive bill that would allow them to some day become citizens.

After all, it’s in the interest of every one, since they are the ones – with their future tax contribution – who will save our Social Security from collapsing.