Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

Honduras would regret end of protection for immigrants in US

by the El Reportero’s wire services

Honduras would be sorry if the United States government repeals the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for about 57,000 nationals residing in the northern nation, the Foreign Ministry asserted today.

It would be regrettable if the compatriots who are now under the special migratory program are left in helplessness, because they would go into a condition of illegality, said Honduran Deputy Foreign Minister, José Isaías Barahona.

Before Saturday, the administration of President Donald Trump must announce the determination, after granting a six-month extension to Honduras in November, before making a decision.

We have been able to demonstrate to the US government, through its different officials, that the effect would be harmful in principle to the families of Hondurans and also in the economic aspect for both countries, added Barahona.

A group of 53 Democratic lawmakers recently called on the US cabinet to renew the TPS, which protects Hondurans since 1999, when Hurricane Mitch hit the Central American country.

The program benefits citizens of nations affected by natural catastrophes or armed conflicts, but during the Trump administration that prerogative was suspended for El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti and Sudan.

Business sectors put pressure in Mexico against López Obrador

Lopez Obrador to Respect NAFTA Agreements But Attentive to Details

The Mexican candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, of the coalition Juntos Haremos Historia, ”We Will Do History Together”, will respect the agreements of the ongoing negotiations on the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), was announced here today.

There were statements, on behalf of the presidential candidate, of his selected one to occupy the Secretary of Economy, Graciela Márquez, in an interview with the American newspaper The Wall Street Journal.

The publication coincided with statements by the White House spokeswoman, Sarah Sander, who trust the next 30 days the NAFTA negotiations will conclude.

‘If the negotiations are closed, López Obrador administration will not open talks on renegotiating some chapters or seek to include new articles,’ told the Journal Lopez Obrador’s representative, championed by the National Regeneration Movement and the Labor and Social Encounter Party.

Márquez said that NAFTA can not be permanently renegotiated and added that if they in principle, respect the agreement but carefully review the details, especially in the period from July 1 (election date) and Dec. 1, when it will take possession of the new government.

Daniel Ortega organizes large march “for peace”

Caravans of buses, cars and motorcycles full of government employees and followers, drove across the streets of Managua on a call by Daniel Ortega on Monday, April 30, to demonstrate his power, after hundred of thousands of citizens around the country marched on a called by the Catholic Church in peregrination on Saturday April 28, to demand peace and justice for the approximately 60 university students murdered by government forces, including a number of wounded and disappeared.

Caravan migrants cross US border

Nearly 74 Central American immigrants, mostly women and children have entered US territory at the San Ysidro crossing near San Diego.

Dozens of other migrants travelling in a caravan to seek asylum in the US have been stopped at the border.

The group of Central American migrants has been travelling through Mexico for two weeks now. Some hoped to arrive in the US.
Those crossed the US border had slept on the street for three days.

Two by two, the migrants walked to US Customs and Border Protection officials to ask if they could get through. The first in line was a man and his little nephew carrying a soccer ball under his arm, according to Reuters.