Thursday - May 23, 2019

Healthcare workers initiate “Unfair labor practice” strike

by Randall Goffin

Ron PaulRon Paul

Windsor Healthcare, a statewide multi-million dollar nursing home chain, refused to take action to correct issues affecting the delivery of patient care to hundreds of sick and elderly. The claims of foul play include short-staffing their care centers, ignoring fire hazards and turning a blind eye to the rapid staff turnovers. As a result, hundreds of health care workers began a two-day strike to address the problems. On Wednesday, Sept. 24th at 6 a.m., the picket line rally will commence and a press conference is scheduled at 10 a.m. at the Windsor Park Care Center.

The ‘not so’ secret service confiscates Ron Paul political paraphernalia at the NRC

Ron Paul advocates at the National Republican Convention, armed with fliers, signs, buttons, books, videos and even Slim Jims, report having their belongings taken by paranoid secret service agents.

Despite their fashionable ear pieces and now questionable air of importance, their agenda is not so secret anymore as the whole shake down was caught on video! While the secret service was busy snapping into their newly acquired Slim Jims, they failed to notice that one of the delegates recorded their confiscation operation. Other sources suggest they may have been private security hired by the Republican Party, which still leaves our rights to freedom of speech and the right to congregate on an at-your-own-risk basis.

Record-breaking fundraiser for the CCSF with the help of author Rose Guilbault

The City College of San Francisco Foundation had their best fundraiser ever. The donations totaled over $310,000, which will provide $500 per semester financial assistance for students. CCSF provides support in mastering the fundamentals of math, reading and language, educating over 11,300 students and preparing them for successful careers. Rose Guilbault, author of “Farmworker’s Daughter: Growing Up Mexican in America” provided inspiration to the 350 attendants of the luncheon, helping chairman Venetta Rohal exceed expectations.

Mayor Dellums addresses budget deficit in a proposal to City Council

Dellums new budget plan will set in motion actions to eliminate a lofty $42 million deficit while maintaining public safety and essential city services. The plan will help reserve and cut fiscal losses and deficits in 2008. The analysis will address three questions: ‘Where are we today?,’ ‘How did we get here?’ and ‘What are our options?’ City council workshops are tentatively scheduled for Oct. 10 and Oct. 16 after the mayor presents the plan at a scheduled meeting on Sept. 30.

The Governator signs final budget

There is not much to celebrate about the grim state of the budget crisis as Governor Schwarzenegger cut more than $500 million in funding for human service programs in California. Some programs including Medi-Cal and the Cash Assistance Program for Immigrants (CAPI) managed to hold their ground. One critical loss for immigrants was the elimination of a budget for the Naturalization Services Program, formerly a great support, counseling and instructing immigrants seeking to become citizens. California Immigrant Policy Center will provide updates on efforts to restore funding.

Harder hit than immigration advocate programs were services and resources for low-income Californians and the elderly. $88 million was cut from CalWORKs which provides employment services to the unemployed. $13 million was eliminated from programs for senior citizens.