Tuesday - Jul 16, 2019

Great surprises at the Colombian Film Festival

by the El Reportero’s news services

A selection of 55 films from 32 countries make up the luxury exhibition of the third edition of the ‘’Bogota International Film Festival’’ which will be held until next Thursday.

The event shows films such as Western, Happy End, Zombillenium, Good Time and La Cordillera (The Hill), five of the films that were included in the Official Selection of Cannes Film Festival last edition.

There are also feature films and documentaries from Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Portugal, Belgium, France, Italy and the United States, among other nations.
Colombia is premiering different films directed by Samir Oliveros, Ana Salas and Laura Martínez Duque.

Among the films you cannot miss, is the Big Big World from Turkey and directed by Reha Erdem. It tells a love story between two orphaned teenagers who are seeking for a better world.

We can also mention My Happy Family, from Georgia. The story of a middle-class woman who realizes, in her forties, that she is always at her son, husband and mother´s back and call; and she has ever had the chance of being worried about herself.

The Bogota festival also pays homage to the young Chilean film director Alejandro Fernández, who in the last decade has become one of the most talented filmmakers in Latin America.

Children’s Museum reopens with free admission to fire victims
The Children’s Museum of Sonoma County is offering free admission to the victims of the recent wildfires in Sonoma and Napa Counties.  The Museum sustained minimal damage in the fire and is now open to the public. Parents and Caregivers are encouraged to use the Museum as a resource for kid-friendly and indoor activities during this period.  Free admission for victims of the recent fires has been made possible, in part by a generous donation from PG&E.

Chile courts culture along with another tribute to Violeta Parra

It would be hard to have a better closing than Thanks to life to remember Violeta Parra and celebrate the creation of the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Heritage in Chile.

A long evening that began inside the La Moneda Palace, with the promulgation by the President of the Republic, Michelle Bachelet, of a law that provides new cultural institutions in the southern country.

‘Cultures, arts, and heritage cannot have other than the main status in State policies, a place as important as education, economy, health or justice,’ Bachelet said.

‘Chile mestizo, diverse, sometimes conflictive, melancholic or festive, deserved a public cultural institution to live up to their dreams,’ she said.
In a remarkable symbiosis, first the presentation of the Orquesta Andina, directed by Félix Cárdenas, and the band Bombo Trío, before giving way to the concert of tribute to the 100 years of the birth of Violeta Parra. (by Fausto Triana).

From the balconies of La Moneda Palace and the Plaza de la Constitución (Constitution Square), the concert, open to the public, brushed the night with the petals of the most emblematic songs of the also Chilean painter, potter, embroiderer, and poet.

Golden opportunity to enjoy a good part of the Clan of the Parra, with Isabel (daughter) and Tita (granddaughter), with other national musicians as Álvaro Henríquez, Gepe and Vasti Michel.