Friday - May 24, 2019

Good-bye Eric

by Marvin J. Ramírez

Dozens of cars with mourners followed Eric's funeral: Doris Campos says a preyer at her son's grave ( Photo By Marvin J. Ramirez )Dozens of cars with mourners followed Eric’s funeral Doris Campos says a preyer at her son’s grave ( Photo By Marvin J. Ramirez )

If people thought he had no friends, they were wrong.

The body of Eric Campos, 19, who got killed on May 15, by a 16-year-old man, in what appears to have happened during the course of a robbery on San Bruno Ave., was taken to his final rest in Colma. An unending caravan of cars carrying ­approximately 300 people drove to Cypress Memorial Cemetery on Tuesday May 22 and descended at the cemetery under a warm weather.

People of all ages, but especially adolescents from his own generation, attended the funeral of the young man who, undoubtedly, was loved by many, and to whom it was a big sorrow that he lost his life so young, and without a motive.

From the unloading of the coffin to the Catholic ceremony performed by the same priest who baptized him, confirmed him, and gave his First Communion, Father José Rodríguez, most watched him leaving and said good-bye in tears to Eric.

“I’ll you see later,” said with a dry and conforming voice his mother Doris Campos, who along with the rest of the family, watched when their beloved Eric was descended to the ground until a heavy, concrete plate sealed his grave. In just a few minutes it would be covered with dirt and grass.