Monday - May 27, 2019

Founder of Sonora Ponceña band, Mr. Quique Lucca, dies


by the El Reportero’s news services

The legendary founder of the Sonora Ponceña, Mr. Enrique ‘Quique’ Lucca Caraballo, died last week in Ponce, at the age of 103 years.
According to an insider confirmed family, Don Quique died at the Ladies Hospital, where he was recovering from surgery after fracturing a hip last Sept. 15.
Meanwhile, Zulma Lucca told La Perla del Sur his father died in the company of children and friends.
Lucca Caraballo founded the Sonora Ponceña in 1954. It is directed by his son, the virtuoso pianist Enrique ‘Papo’ Lucca.
The Sonora has released more than 20 albums, among which include Fire in the 23 ( 1969), Creole Christmas (1971), Some of madness (1971) and from Puerto Rico to New York (1972), Warring (1992), Soul of Puerto Rico (1993), Gritting (1995),0 Pure flavor (2000) and Another Creole Christmas (2008).
Among his most successful songs include Bear mountain, Yambeque , Bomba Carambomba, the tweet Boranda, Until we break the leather, Song of love, Moreno am, My cute Yambú, Remembrance and Second thought. (Reported by Jason Rodriguez Grafal).

Mexican musical project to perform in Cuba

Excited for offering the pleasant Mexican music to the Cuban public, the Harmony & Melody music project will perform today at Casa de las Americas in Havana.
Invited to the 5th edition of the Meeting of Popular Voices, the young members of the group will hold a dialogue with the public for promoting music as an extraordinary means of communication.

Erika Alcazar (soprano), Coral Díaz (mezzosoprano), Rubén Mondragón (cello), Christian Velasco (guitar) and Samuel López (guest pianist) are the members of the musical project and all together endorse the goal of the event, which is to strengthen cultural ties. Harmony & Melody has carried out numerous concerts on stages of the Mexican capital, and auditoriums of the Autonomous University of Mexico, the José Luís Cuevas Museum, and the Hermilo Novelo hall at the Cultural Center Ollin Yoliztli, among others.

The Meeting of Popular Voices will conclude on Oct. 9. It was organized by the eponymous foundation that promotes Cuban singer and teacher Argelia Fragoso.

The Dirty Game film on the Chevron case in Ecuador

The filme The Dirty Game will soon be screened in Ecuador about the mechanisms used by the U.S. oil company Chevron-Texaco in this country to evade responsibility in the pollution caused by that corporation.

The premiere will take place at the Anthropological Museum of Contemporary Art (MAAC), located in the city of Guayaquil, next Wednesday Oct. 12, indicated a note of the institution.

The film shows the story of a U.S. journalist, hired to travel to Ecuador and round-up the alleged frauds committed in the South American nation against the oil company, during the trial that took place in the Provincial Court of Sucumbios.

Paulo Coelho wins the Nobel Prize for Literature 2016

Latin America reached a new Nobel Prize for Literature, and to everyone’s surprise, from the hand of the Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho de Souza (Rio de Janeiro, 1947), which outperformed other renowned authors of the caliber of the Syrian Adonis, the American Philip Roth and Italy’s Claudio Magris, who loomed as favorites to win the award.

Thus, Paulo Coelho will become the seventh Latin American writer to receive this award and the first Brazilian-born along with Mario Vargas Llosa (2010), Octavio Paz (1990), Gabriel García Márquez (1982), Pablo Neruda (1971) Miguel Angel Asturias (1967) and Gabriela Mistral (1945).