Friday - Apr 19, 2019

Father Solalinde demands freedom for Dr. Mileles


by the El Reportero’s wire services

On March 30 of this year, after giving the Speech of Human Rights, the violation of the Human Rights of Migrants, directed at Morena militants and the general public, Father Alejandro Solalinde Guerra was approached by the press at the outskirts of the STUNAM precinct and referred among other subjects to Dr. José Manuel Mireles, about whom he said:

“Doctor Mireles is a person who has his place in history, a person who stood up, who had the courage to defend his people against organized crime and the same government.”

The priest believes that in the face of the collusion of some rulers with organized crime José Manuel Mireles Valverde had the courage to stand up, which can be considered an example of courage, and his current situation a political prisoner of the current regime.

“Peña Nieto does not forgive Mireles to has contradicted his Viceroy Alfredo Castillo, who is also part of the Atlacomulco group, and also participates in the same.”

Likewise Father Solalinde demanded the freedom not only of Doctor Mireles but also of all the other political prisoners.

“I demand your release! I demand your release! Of him and of all the political prisoners.”

This statement is given in the framework of the National Day for the Liberation of Dr. Mireles, which will begin with a cultural political act next Saturday April 29 at 12 midday at 6 p.m. in the Plaza de las tres Cultures of Tlatelolco. To this day, various social organizations, activists, human rights defenders, artists, academics, and other personalities are invited. It should be noted that Father Alejandro Solalinde confirmed his participation in this cultural political act.

Mexico endorses medical and scientific use of marijuana

The Mexican Chamber of Deputies passed some amendments to the General Health Law and the Federal Penal Code to permit the medical, therapeutic and research use of marijuana, whose consumption continues, though, to be penalized.

The bill was sent to the Executive Power for its publication on the Official Gazette.

In this regard, the Mexican Ministry of Health must design and implement public policies that regulate the medical use of pharmacological by-products made of marijuana, control the research and national production thereof and also authorize the import of pharmacological by-products of cannabis.

In addition, it decriminalizes the planting, cultivation or harvesting of marijuana plants for medical and scientific purposes.

Pilots strike would paralyze Panamanian COPA Airline

In an unprecedented event in Panama’s COPA Airlines, its pilots threatened today to strike to pressure the company to deliver a wage increase, union sources said.

The affiliates to the Panamanian Union of Commercial Aviators (UNPAC) approved the call for a strike at a general assembly after a first protest in March did not thaw stagnant negotiations for a collective agreement, union leader Luis Young told reporters.

Again, little more than a hundred pilots walked around the Tocumen International Airport, in this capital, with banners showing their discontent for the wages they consider inadequate for the training they have.

With slogans demanding the end of exploitation in COPA and shouts of ‘Your wealth is my sweat,’ the workers marched yesterday noon outside the terminal, before the curious eyes of passengers and passersby, who took pictures and published them on social media.

According to Young, after holding meetings with airline executives since October 2016, no agreement has so far been reached because several sections of the collective agreement were not consented.