Monday - Jul 22, 2019

‘Lolo’ Chavarría passed away and his departure leaves many in sadness

by Marvin Ramírez


With great sadness in the family left this world Nelson ‘ lolo ‘ Chavarría in the City of Washington, Maryland on June 6, 2015. He was 58 years old.

Born in Masaya, Nicaragua on January 1, 1957, Lolo, as he was affectionately known in memory of his father Dolores Sánchez, he was one of 10 sibblings his mother Mélida Chavarría had.

After having been a intervened by an open-heart operation, Lolo was again operated due to a blood escape in the wound, causing to him four followed heart attacks, of which the last one took his life.

Lolo, who was not married and neither fathered any children, tackled towards the U.S. in March, 1989, in company of his niece Shady Lários when she was a child, to meet other brothers and sisters who were already living in this country, and to reach the American dream – since Nicaragua was then still suffering the ravages of a civil war and a revolution that left the people without many opportunities.

In spite of having been born in Masaya, Lolo grew up in Managua, and since the day he came to the U.S. he lived through all the time in Washington.

The death of his uncle was a hard blow for his niece.

“He was one of my closest uncles,” said Lários, who is now a married woman and mother of three sons in Miami, Florida. “He was a super humble human being with a big heart.”

If once she accompanied him in life towards the U.S., as a duty of the heart Lários traveled to Nicaragua along with her mom, Martha Chavarría – Lolo’s sister – and her family, to return the ashes of her uncle to Nicaragua, from where she departed with him one day to look for a better life.

Lolo is survived by his brothers and sisters: Martha (en U.S.), Carlos (en U.S.), Emilia (en Nicaragua), Mario (en Nicaragua) Ucrania Vivas, Christiana Constantiny (en U.S.), Rodney Vaughan (en Nicaragua).