Tuesday - Jun 25, 2019

Elimination of the First Amendment is a precondition to genocide – Part 3 and Last



Very little is written in the mainstream media about the Constitution, which is the column from where liberty sustains itself. This following article, written by Dave Hodges, is a good piece everyone should read, if not, follow this writer. Because of its length, we have divided it into three parts. THIS IS PART 3 of 3.

by Dave Hodges

I believe that ultimately, the questions of the future will not revolve around who flies, but who dies.

According to insider sources, demographic maps have already been created in which red dots appear on a data screen by address of people judged to be a threat as determined by the algorithms derived the NSA protocols.

If you are in the independent media, you are at the top of the list. When the DHS goon squads arrive at our homes at 3AM, we in the alternative media will be going to a FEMA Camp, or worse. And what is our crime? Encouraging citizens to express their positive or negative opinions against this out of control administration.

My sources for years have revealed that the leaders of the resistance are on what could be called a “red list” and will be summarily executed along with their families.

The Verizon and Google data dump to the feds is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, because of cell phone tracking, if you have ever met with a person of concern (e.g. an alternative media figure), your score goes up because your two cell phones came into close proximity. And the  longer you meet with this person, the more points are awarded to your threat matrix score. This is a violation of another First Amendment right, the right peaceably assemble.

Keep in mind the Threat Matrix Score is like golf. The goal is to have a low score, that is if you want to live.  The person’s score will also rise if they visit the wrong websites, belong to the Libertarian party, own a gun, vote for third party candidates and are a veteran.  Many of the sources for the independent media has revealed that demographic maps have already been created in which red dots appear on a data screen by address. The red dots represent people who have received a high score and DHS swat teams will sweep pre-designated areas. The DHS swat teams along with their 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and 2,700 armored personnel carriers will be the vanguard force behind this terrible tyranny.

All others will continue to be placed under extreme surveillance with the threat of removal to a re-education camp or worse. There is a reason why DHS has spent billions on Intellistreet light poles and spy cams at every major intersection. And if you think you can ride this out, read Executive Order 13603. You will be assigned to work wherever this administration wants. Families will be broken apart by this calamity. All of sudden, the CPS tactics and the anti-family courts make a little more sense don’t they? If you are taken to a re-education camp, please consider that your family will be split apart. Men to one camp, women to another and children to a third and you don’t even want to know what my sources tell me about the third kind of camp.“

“I don’t care if the government spies on me and monitors my activities and the statements that I make because I am not doing anything wrong.” Hopefully this article exposes the folly of this thinking.


If you wish to stay mired in the matrix, you will of course see no threat to your existence. Of course none of this will never happen. The government may pass laws which appear on the surface to be quite draconian, however, they would never act upon these laws and Executive Orders. The government may tell you that you, in effect, that your bank deposits are not money and are no longer insured. But they don’t really mean it. The 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition purchased by DHS is only for target practice. And you are the target, for daring to express your First Amendment right to free speech and peaceably assemble. How long will it be until they come after another protected activity, namely, freedom of religion? That day is coming as we are witnessing the incremental dismantling of the First Amendment. This administration and those that follow them must really be up to no good if they are working this hard to stifle free speech.

Let’s be clear. When governments engage in genocide, they first engage in the following progression of events.

Elimination of Free Speech.
Confiscation of guns.
Identification of the “enemy of the State” that must be eliminated for the safety of all.