Thursday - May 23, 2019

El Reportero turns 19 years old

Marvin J. RamirezMarvin J. Ramirez

To those who have followed us over the years, El Reportero has turned 19 years old this month. It’s been an odyssey, since unlike other publications, which mainly motive to publish a newspaper or a magazine had been an ego trip or money, for me it has been a labor of love.

Covering and publishing the type of news that we print in our pages goes beyond to just printing anything, but rather to give you challenging information that the mainstream media censures or are directed not to touch.

But of course, as it is for so many publishers, it also feels good to say something you feel, and be able spread it to thousands of people who will read it, and become part of the discourse that you are presenting.

Lately, I’ve focused on controversial news that exposes government corruption.

We believe, or let’s say, I believe, that there is a vacuum of information that truly exposes the ills of government officials and politicians and that hides the real history of the United States, which if it were known to the majority of the people, we wouldn’t be in the so chaotic economic mess that the international bankers have created by design upon us.

This has been done to crash the economy – as it was done in the late 1920s during the Great Depression – and to submit the North American people into slavery, as it was done by Franklin Delano Roosevelt with his New Deal with the creation of the Social Security Act and the Trading with the Enemy Act, which made the American people enemies of the state, and hence, subjected to the confiscation of their gold and silver and used themselves and their properties, as collateral against the national debt.

This type of information or topics are not covered by any of the mainstream media because their institutions are quasi government mouthpieces. They are used to repeat the speeches of their masters and to keep you bound to their topics – chosen by the international bankers, who are the funding partners of their media empires.

El Reportero, as small as it is, utilizes whatever it can, to tell the truth, and this is done with the help of our advertisers. Many of them have been with us for more than a decade, while others almost two decades.

I thank you for that faithful support of yours all these years, and also I thank our readers for lending us their time to read what we ­give them as weekly intellectual bread.

Please take notice that some of our advertising representatives might call you to invite you to participate in the celebration of our anniversary, which might last up to two months. You will be asked to place a business card-size or bigger ad congratulating El Reportero for its 19 years of service to the community.

Happy birthday, El Reportero!