Sunday - May 16, 2021

Don’t you know what they are doing to us?

Who would have thought that the US would be about to collapse in a so short period of time, suddenly. That the greatest economic-military power would have been attacked in silence – not with nuclear bombs or military weapons, but with biological weapons, and traitors from within who would have sold themselves for money and power to the enemies of freedom.

Who would have said that the Apocalypse that I have known in the Holy Scriptures as a child, which describes an end of times, where a satanic destruction takes over the world and a war between good and evil begins, would be witnessed now, in these moments.

That people without faces, with no direction other than that offered by a corrupt government run by ‘experts,’ a gagged press and social networks that keep the population asleep and unconscious – would be walking without our freedoms guaranteed and protected by the Constitution.

Who would have said that the very rulers chosen by ourselves to protect us from external and domestic enemies, would have contributed to the destruction of the economy, taken away our popular power to govern ourselves, and have overshadowed the divine light that has shone on this blessed land called the United States, while the people did not realized what was being done to us.

Those powerful behind the visible power want to kill us, because they say that we are too many and we hinder them, therefore we must stop the births and convince the women of fertile bellies to kill the unborn and thus reduce our numbers, so that an idle and maliciously elite can take the planet for their own benefit.

If you have not noticed, we are about to lose the freedom and the borders that serve us and each country in the world, that protect our cultures, histories, and ancestral customs while many of us have not realized it…

They want to put poison in us to die gently and slowly, making us believe that it is for our own good; however, they do not tell us that with certain vitamins taken no virus can kill us.

It is time to wake up. Stop watching TV and the junk news where they offer us their violence and scandals to keep us scared and exalted. I assure you that they are trying to take God away from you so they can manipulate you and take over your minds more easily.

Freedom was given to us by God and not by the government, don’t forget.

This is just my own opinion.