Wednesday - Apr 24, 2019

Day of the Dead in Mexico, but life must go on


por Orlando Oramas Leon

Mexicans celebrate on Oct. 31 through Nov. 2 the Day of the Dead, one of the oldest and most representative traditions in this country.
Also in Colombia. Woman Kneeling by Gravestone on Dia de los Muertos.

Ecuador. Dia de Los Muertos in San Pablo del Lago, Ecuador, El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Peru, and Venezuela.

The festivity has a pre-Hispanic origin, when the current borders did not exist, so neighboring peoples joined the celebrations consisting of popular parties with altars, favorite food for the dead and the living, flowers, candles and tequila.

In a nation of federal union and multicultural communion and peoples, the celebration differs, although 55 percent of Mexicans believe, according to a survey, that there is life after death, above all in a country that has been compared to others in a war situation (that is, Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria) due to the victims caused by the drug cartels, whose bosses build luxury mausoleums with air conditioning for themselves.

But despite drug traffickers, the Day of the Dead is a celebration in which eight of ten Mexicans participate, either by building an altar, visiting a pantheon, bringing flowers or taking a tequila shot on behalf of an ancestor or a friend in the other world.

In the end, it is a very particular way of reunion between two dimensions that have different modalities in this country.
It has to do with the singular meaning of death for Mexicans.

According to the survey ‘De las Heras’, 69 percent of those polled were not concerned at all, although 24 percent were scared but not terrified by death.

Among them, 31 percent believe in ghosts, but surely, almost all of them on days like today remember their deceased relatives and friends, build altars to them and offer them their favorite food and drinks, amid flowers, especially yellow ones.

It is a cult to the Holy Death, which is celebrated here flat out, although it is a celebration to live life. (Wire services contributed to this report).

Governor of Puerto Rico Travels to USA after Meeting with US General

Governor Ricardo Rossello Nevares traveled to the United States along with various members of the Front for Puerto Rico, after holding a meeting with U.S. General Jeffrey Buchanan, in charge of delivering the supplies for the municipalities.

Minister of Public Affairs Ramon Rosario Cortes said that Rosello will discuss the management of the crisis in Puerto Rico, seeking to achieve a fair approach within the federal tax reform.

This time, the agenda will focus on additional aid to handle the crisis with the recovery plan and to ensure that the federal tax reform turns that territory into a competitive country to keep and create jobs. (Prensa Latina).