Tuesday - Jul 23, 2019

Cuban buries the ‘machismo – Leninism’

Project is so advanced, that accepts marriages between gays and lesbians and up to right to the adoption

by Mauricio Vicent

Havana – The Cuban machismo – Leninism, which had his epoch of splendor in the gray and homophobic 70s, is in crisis and on the verge of being buried. They are already not only the apologies and public knowledge realized in the last years to artists and intellectuals who were alienated by their sexual orientation.

Today, the Cuban authorities study a project of legal reform to recognize the civil and heriditary rights of homosexual partners, included the juridical formalization of unions between gays and lesbians, and the right of adoption, something revolutionary in a country that for years chased public ostentation of homosexuality.

The proposal, which one already finds in phase of analysis in the Political Bureau of the Communist Party, is not impelled by anyone. The soul and principal advocate of the project of reform of the Family code is a Mariela Castro Espín, director of the governmental National Center of Sexual Education (Cenesex) and daughter of the temporary president of Cuba, Raúl Castro, who for years fights to open spaces for travestís and transsexuals and defends the rights of these groups.

If the initiative is approved, the partners of gays or lesbians will enjoy so much the personal, patrimonial and hereditary rights, and those inherent in the housing and in adoption, as heterosexuals.

(This report was first published by El País).

Transcendental decision for partners of the same sex in the UNO

The State of Colombia violated the right to equality invoked in the Agreement of civil and political rights, by having denied retirement substitution of the partner of a same sex person, as was determined by the United Nations Committee of Human Rights, the body that watches the fulfillment of this agreement.

The historical decision of the United Nations Human rights Committee requests the State of Colombian to recognize retirement substitution, and to adopt measurements so that partners of the same sex are not discriminated against in the access to this right.

“The Committee concludes that the State has violated Article 26 of the Agreement, by denying the author the right to the pension of his permanent partner, on the base of his sexual orientation.”