Monday - Jun 24, 2019

Cuba aspires to include Rumba at UNESCO Heritage list


by the El Reportero’s news services

Cuba is expecting UNESCO to include ‘’rumba’’ in its list – Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity, during the forthcoming meeting of the Intergovernmental Committee on the issue, diplomatic sources said today.

The event scheduled from Nov. 28 to Dec. 2 in Ethiopia will decide on the inclusion of rumba as ‘a festive mixture of music and dance, and associated practices.’

UNESCO recognizes the value of rumba as an expressive style of music and dance that rests on forms of verbal communication (vocal singing and sounds) and non-verbal communication (gestures and body language).

Practiced in family circles, with neighbors and in communities in festive and religious events, rumba ‘mixes tradition and contemporaneity and promotes feelings of self-esteem and belonging among its practitioners,’ the text says.

‘It also brings together individuals of all sexes, social class, geographical origin or religious beliefs, reinforcing social cohesion, mutual respect and favoring harmonious relationships between individuals and communities.’

Penelope Cruz joins murder on The Orient Express

Oscar Winner Penelope Cruz is boarding Murder on the Orient Express with a growing and powerful ensemble cast that now includes Johnny Depp, Michelle Pfeiffer, Daisy Ridley, Michael Pena, Judi Dench and Josh Gad along with Kenneth Branagh who is starring as detective Hercule Poirot and also helming the film, according to media.

Based on the beloved 1934 Agatha Christie novel, the mystery begins after an American businessman is murdered aboard the train and the investigator tries to solve the murder, finding out eventually that 13 people all had something to do with the murder victim.

Branagh will produce with Ridley Scott, Simon Kinberg and Mark Gordon. Michael Schaefer and Aditya Sood are also expected to have a producing credit.
Cruz, who has won in her country three Goyas, will release next week The Queen of Spain, part of the sequel with The Apple of Your Eyes (1998), directed by Fernando Trueba.

International Forum of Cultural Diversity begins in Bolivia

The International Forum of Cultural Diversities Indigenous Peoples of South America begins today with a tribute to Túpac Katari, a leader of the indigenous rebellion against the Spanish in the 1780s.

The conference taking place in La Paz will host 340 representatives from a dozen countries and will be held until Tuesday. The inauguration will take place in the town of Peñas and will commemorate the 235th anniversary of the death of one of the most important figures in the struggle for the liberation of the original nations.

The event will coincide with the Decolonization and Depatriarcalization Summit and on Wednesday and Thursday, the Technical Meeting of the Council of Cultures of the Union of South American Nations is scheduled.

The conference aims to analyze and define an Atlas of Cultural Diversity in the region, a proposal presented by Bolivia in 2013.

‘This project will help us to know, research and above all understand our indigenous peoples at a continental level. We intend to create an instrument, a tool that generates integration and exchange between nations,’ said the Bolivian Minister of Cultures and Tourism, Marko Machicao.

In addition, he indicated that the program is aimed at recovering and strengthening regional identity and promoting the balance and harmony that the planet needs.