Friday - Apr 19, 2019

Chilean expert shares experiences of the Ayotzinapa case


by the El Reportero’s wire services

Francisco Cox, one of the five members of the Interdisciplinary Independent Expert Group which investigates the disappearance of the 43 Ayotzinapa teachers shared his experiences on the case, Mexican journal Publimetro reports today.
In an interview with Publimetro, the Chilean lawyer explained that he first heard about the case in November 2014 and since it is “one of the most important and significant cases in years, I voiced my interest in participating.”
As soon as we arrived on March 2nd, the first thing we did was to meet with the members of the Mexican state that had invited us and then we headed to the Ayotzinapa school, he said.
One of the things that really shocked us during that meeting with relatives and students was when the families told we were their last hope.
This is one of the cases that have changed my life, he finally said.
The Interdisciplinary Group of Experts from the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights recently presented a report ruling out the official version stating that the bodies of the 43 teachers were incinerated at a garbage dump in the municipality of Cocula, Guerrero.

Canada Supreme Court says case against Chevron can proceed
A group of Ecuadorian villagers can proceed in Canada with their class action lawsuit against Chevron Corp. over environmental contamination in the rain forest, the country’s top court ruled.
The Supreme Court of Canada said in a unanimous decision that the company can be pursued in the country for its alleged actions in Ecuador, in a case that’s spanned more than two decades.
Canadian courts take a “generous and liberal approach to the recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments,” Justice Clement Gascón wrote in the decision.The ruling on jurisdiction does not mean the villagers will be awarded Canadian assets, only that the case can proceed and be argued by both sides, the court ruled.

New Delhi Cervantes Institute to exhibit Colombian movies
The Cervantes Institute in New Delhi will exhibit a cycle of Colombian cinema in the capital during the month of September, in collaboration with the Embassy of Colombia in India, the cultural center announced.
A statement from the institution said the exhibition will take place every Sunday of the month at 4:30 local time in the Auditorium of the Cervantes Institute, dedicated to exhibit works of contemporary cinema.
The project includes the films Cazando Luciernagas (Chasing fireflies), by Roberto Torres Prieto; La Sirga (The towrope), by William Vega; Los Hongos (The Mushrooms) of Oscar Ruiz Navia, and Sofia y el Terco (Sofia and the Stubborn), by Andres Burgos, all winners of international awards.
Issues such as loneliness, the value of human relationships, the impact of war on the lives of individuals or the reality of young people in the slums of Colombia will be reflected in this films by outstanding Latin American filmmakers.
The Cervantes Institute in New Delhi is a cultural organization for the promotion and teaching of the language and for the dissemination of Spanish and Latin American culture, which maintains collaboration with museums, theaters, publishing houses and other institutions from India and the rest of the world.