Saturday - Jul 20, 2019

Channel to show why Latino youth should be proud

by Tracie Morales

An scene of thet film 28 weeks afterAn scene of thet film 28 weeks after

EXCLUSIVE: Spanish director Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, one of many talented Latinos gaining acclaim in Hollywood for creating evocative and visual films, talks to Weekly Report about his latest project, 28 Weeks later opening May 11. The follow-Up film to the enormously successful 28 Days Later marks Fresnadillo’s first project produced In English.

The story begins six months after a deadly epidemic that turned humans into states of murderous rage sweeps through Great Britain, leaving only a few survivors. Among them is a family trying to pick up the pieces. Despite claims of eradication by the United States, the virus returns, threatening any chance of survival.

“I wanted to tell a realistic and apocalyptic tale that the viewer could identify with,” Fresnadillo said. “The film questions whether it is possible to reconstruct a normal life after the world has been destroyed.”

Juan Carlos FresnadilloJuan Carlos Fresnadillo

He emphasized that his Latin heritage religion, guilt, strong family ties influenced elements in the fi lm.

“Those Latino concepts resonate with the public not just nationally, but internationally,” he said.

The Academy Awardnominated fi lmmaker makes his debut with his fi rst English fi lm after directing critically acclaimed works in Spanish such as Psicotaxi, Intacto, Esposados.

“You have to share lan- guages,” he said. “I have no problem with making fi lms in English, but I would like to return to making fi lms in my native tongue.”

George LópezGeorge López


The ABC season finale of George López ends on a high note with a guest appearance by Stand and Deliver star Edward James Olmos on May 8.


The music channel MTVTr3s is celebrating the many reasons Latino youth are proud of their culture in mini-documentaries airing throughout May. The “Tu Pride” campaign will show Latinos from large cities and small towns honoring their heritage in unique ways. The mini-docs range from 30-60 seconds, with accompanying music from emerr4inq Latino artists.

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