Monday - May 27, 2019

Celebrating the life of Carlos Pérez Macías

by Marvin Ramírez

Carlos Pérez Macías (q.e.p.d.)Carlos Pérez Macías (q.e.p.d.)

It was on this day January 24 that Carlos went to the Kingdom of the Lord, but left us with his love, kindness and compassion.

Carlos, painter, poet and lawyer, was one of the great talents that Nicaragua bore thee, and like all of us, we’re destined toward the same destination – some day. And that cause pain and tears. All farewells of a good thing cause sadness. But let us not forget that things do not end there. Both the ones gone and those who remain here, must maintain a permanent and spiritual bond, and the ones from here should not perpetuate the pain and sadness, but turn them into joy – celebrating life. Celebrating the life of Carlos is the way to happiness because we cannot be happy being sad, and in addition, sadness spreads like a disease. It is our part to remember him living among us in his best moments: when he litigated a cause that he believed in, when he wrote a poem and let out what his soul felt, when he made a painting and described what he could not show from his inside but brought it out with the brush, or when he made us laugh.

It is time to party, as when someone gets married or goes away to a long journey to create positive energy and maintain that remembrance so alive as when he lived. Each annual reunion on his name should be – not a melancholy event, but a celebration of his life. Then, come’n, let’s replace immediately the sadness and tears with joy, because, it is so that Carlos lived, with much glee! With much affection for his sisters Indiana Pérez Macías and Bianca Jagger (former and first wife of Rolling Stones’ singer Mick Jagger), – Marvin Ramírez.