Sunday - Feb 28, 2021

Latin Briefs

  • Bilingual sixth graders get a sample of translation jobs

    by Juliet Blalack

    Two professional translators showed Monroe Elementary students where their bilingual skills could take them last week.

    Inés Swaney and Tony Beckwith dropped by the Poetry InsideOut program and engaged the sixth graders with stories of their translation backgrounds and adventures, said teacher Anita Sagastegui.

    The two also explained how bilingual skills would help students no matter what career they chose, and then Beckwith shared a poem he wrote in both English and Spanish.

  • Community asks San Mateo county to halt foreclosures

    by Juliana Birnbaum Fox

    Members of the community ­group San Mateo County ACORN attended the San Mateo County Board meeting this week to pressure the Supervisors to pass a resolution that would stay the foreclosure crisis. The resolution calls on local subprime lenders to voluntarily enact a 3 month moratorium on foreclosures and put delinquent or at risk borrowers, who are in unaffordable loans, into modified loans that are 30 year, fixed rate, and affordable based on the borrowers income.

  • Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval introduces a resolution to prevent foreclosure

    by Juliet Blalack

    At a Board of Supervisors meeting, Supervisor Gerardo Sandoval introduced a resolution demanding that the Mayor’s Office diminish the frequency of foreclosures in San Francisco.

    ­“In this moment, there are too many foreclosures and the truth is that the effect of these executions are more felt the Latino and African-American communities,” said Supervisor Sandoval.

  • Bush’s veto means loss of health care coverage for California kids

    ­by Ali Tabatabai

    Oakland city officials found that Prudential Overall Supply, a contracted uniform and laundry company operating in Milpitas, violated local living wage ordinance by underpaying its workers.

    According to UNITE HERE, a union representing industrial and service workers, Prudential owes nearly $40,000 in backwages to its current and former employees. The City of Oakland Finance Committee said they will also demand more backpay due to low health insurance contributions from the company.

  • Santa Clara Board of Supervisors resolves to investigate Prudencial strike

    by Juliana Birnbaum Fox

    Prudential Overall Supply laundry workers, on strike in protest of the working conditions at the company’s Milpitas facilities, spoke out last week regarding alleged unfair labor practices and the possible impact on county uniform service. Milpitas workers walked out on September 11 after weeks of alleged labor law violations by the company. Prudential Overall Supply contracts with Santa Clara County to provide uniforms for hundreds of county employees.

  • State Legislature bans toxic toys

    by Juliana Birnbaum Fox

    The California State Senate last week approved landmark legislation which would make California the first state in the country to ban dangerous chemicals used in baby toys.

    “The United States has become a dumping ground for chemical filled toys that are banned in much of the industrialized world,” said Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, who authored the bill.

  • Aid to Nicaragua intensifies

    by the El Reportero staff San Francisco’s repair shop owner Luis Pérez receives the first donations from the community for the victims of huracan Felix in Nicaragua. The goal is to fill one of several 40-ton ship containers. (photo por Edgar Martinez) After the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua was devastated by a hurricane last August,