Thursday - Apr 22, 2021


  • Reduce inflammation effortlessly by taking these top antioxidants

    by PF Louis

    There’s a silent killer on the loose and it’s called chronic inflammation.

    According to Dr. Barry Sears, author of The Anti-Inflammation Zone: Reversing the Silent Epidemic That’s Destroying Our Health: “Chronic inflammation is the evil mother of the most prevalent and devastating diseases that routinely kill Americans.”

  • Health benefits of cinnamon and ginger

    by Sandeep Godiyal

    Ginger and cinnamon are regarded and used as spices and herbs to make meals more flavorful. But they are also found to be rich in medicinal properties. Among the many benefits of cinnamon and ginger include aid in digestion, anti-viral properties, toothache relief, diabetes prevention, cold, flu, and pain relief among others.

    Cinnamon health benefits

  • Study: Children with ‘early nutrition programming’ reduces disease later in life

    by Karen Foster
    Prevent Disease

    Long-term EU funded research with more than 1000 children has found ‘early nutrition programming’ can deliver significant health benefits later in life — including big reductions in obesity.

    According to a previous study by University of California, San Diego bioengineers, free fatty acids created during the digestion of infant formula cause cellular death and severe intestinal conditions.

  • Heal the gut with these five superfoods

    by Derek Henry

    In a world where digestive problems run amok, it’s little wonder that people are desperately looking for remedies that will help fix their gut issues. Although it is not simple, these five superfoods can help clean up the ‘internal trash’, balance your bacteria, and heal any damage that has been done, so you can get your gut back to normal.


  • McDonald’s closing all restaurants in Bolivia as nation rejects fast food

    by Lance Devon

    McDonald’s happy image and its golden arches aren’t the gateway to bliss in Bolivia. This South American country isn’t falling for the barrage of advertising and fast food cooking methods that so easily engulf countries like the United States. Bolivians simply don’t trust food prepared in such little time.

  • Five ways to strengthen your immunity using food choices

    by Jonathan Benson

    The best way to avoid developing colds, influenza, and other viral diseases this winter is not to go out and get more vaccines and over-the-counter drugs. Your immune system is fully equipped to thwart these conditions naturally on its own, provided you feed it the nutrients it needs in order to maintain homeostasis. Here are five ways to strengthen your immune system naturally using simple food choices:

    1) Garlic.

  • Protect your family from cancer-causing fluoride

    by Jonathan Landsman

    In the 1950s, within the United States, the fluoridation propaganda machine was in full swing. Television commercials brainwashed an entire nation into believing that a toxic (cancer-causing) substance would make children “healthier and happy”.

    Now, as people are waking up to the lies, politicians and the conventional dental industry are shaking in their boots.

  • Consumer group urges Trader Joe’s to stop selling meat from animals raised on antibiotic

    by Ethan A. Huff

    There is a very real public health crisis looming on the horizon, and its origins stem from the common food industry practice of force-feeding antibiotic drugs to cattle in order to bulk them up and rush their meat to market as quickly as possible. And a major consumer advocacy group is calling on the popular grocery chain Trader Joe’s to step up and stop selling meat and poultry derived from animals raised in this manner, which is causing widespread health problems and antibiotic resistance.