Friday - Mar 05, 2021

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  • Can a boat help Alberto Gonzales from sinking?

    ­by José de la Isla

    HOUSTON– One would think Attorney General Alberto Gonzáles would have already thrown in the towel. His two top staff members have resigned and Congress is demanding more documents from him, and his anticipated testimony before a Senate hearing is expected to produce fireworks.

    So, what makes him tick? What’s back there?

  • Loudmouth’s vision for a linguistic shipwreck

    by José de la Isla

    HOUSTON – Newt Gingrich is only 64 but already he’s afflicted with memory lapse. He has conveniently forgotten his own past.

    Addressing the National Federation of Republican Women in Washington, D.C., March 31, the potential GOP presidential aspirant claimed bilingual-education classes are teaching students “the language of living in a ghetto.” They must be eliminated, he insisted, and so should ballots in languages other than English.

  • Are butterflies illegal intruders?

    by José de la Isla

    HOUSTON – If a butterflyʼs fluttering wings in Africa can cause a hurricane in Louisiana, why is it hard to understand that when making a living ends in one place, people migrate to earn a living some place else?

    David Baconʼs book, Communities Without Borders: Images and Voices from the World of Migration, makes the connection. His book shows how calamity in one place leads to consequences in another.

  • Education storm warning, two decades later

    by José de la Isla

    José de la IslaJosé de la Isla

    (First in a two-part commentary)

    HOUSTON – Twenty-one years ago, in 1986, Japan’s Prime Minister Yasuhiro Nakasone said his country had “become quite an intelligent nation, much more than the United States.”